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15 Times That Archie Comics Were Unintentionally Inappropriate

Archie comics were a part of almost everyone's childhood. I even still have a box of them sitting around for when my children get to the age that they can read them. As kids we often see things through a child's eyes, missing out on innuendo and jokes that would become evident as we get older. These 15 snippets from Archie comics really make you wonder what the artists were thinking, or if they intentionally drew these in for their own amusement. They really draw the line between children's comics and adult humor.1. A little context is needed.eBaumsWorld2.


18 Things That Would Blow Your Mind If You Woke Up From A Ten Year Coma

I remember the first decade of the 2000s. It was a great time, simpler to be sure, but things sure have changed a lot since then. Changes have been happening so frequently that we barely think about it in the greater scheme of things.For those of you who may have fallen asleep for the last ten years, here are 18 of things that will have changed in that time. 1. The Fast And The Furious movies are still in production, but they now star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.YouTubeEven after the tragic death of Paul Walker the franchise has


20 Songs That Gave Us Life When We Were Kids But Are Now Forgotten

There really is no other way to put this, if you remember these songs you are definitely getting closer to 30+, than you are to 21. There are songs on this list that we wish we could forget, and the younger generation should be glad that they never had to live through a time where these were blasting on car radios. But some of these hits bring back memories of simpler times, handing out with our friends, doing things we enjoyed before we had to start "adulting".  1. Strong Enough - Cher Cher has been around forever. This isn't


The Biggest Stars of The 90s Have Been Surprisingly Busy Since Disappearing From The Shows That Made Them Famous

The children of today's generation will never know the level of quality that was television in the 90s. Our before and after school viewing habits came complete with their own brand of stars who left us with memories of simpler times. But where are those stars now? 1. Alyson Hannigan The awkward geek turned supernatural crime fighting witch, Alyson Hannigan was one of the first to make being "geeky" at school cool. After Buffy, she went on to star in the American Pie movie series, and followed that up as one of the lead characters in the wildly successful sitcom,


10 Amazing Performances From MTV's 'Unplugged' To Celebrate Its Return

One of most memorable music shows of all time was MTV Unplugged. The show was a raw look at musicians as they laid everything bare for the audience. There was no makeup, no amp or DJ. The musicians had to rely purely on their skill and sound. It was a time when music was still real. MTV is bringing the show back to your televisions in an effort to bring back this great music tradition. Here are 10 of the best unplugged concerts from the 90s. 1. Bon JoviWhile technically it wasn't a true episode of Unplugged, the show had


35 Things That Made Your 90s Childhood Better Than Any Other Generation

The 90s catch a lot of flack. It was like we got stuck in the 80s for a few extra years before progress actually started being made. As "bad" as they were, there were some high points for all the kids that grew up during the decade (myself included). Here are some of the best memories all 90s kids will remember. 1. Breaking your own personal record on your Skip It. Guff2. Learning all of life's important lessons from the Berenstein Bears books.Red Shutters3. Getting the new Now! CD for your birthday or Christmas. Amazon4. Watching Disney's original movies.


9 Things We Used To Say All The Time That Are Now Completely Irrelevant

I was born in the 80s so I actually remember hearing (and in most cases using) all of these phrases, and in one case I still use it to do this day. If you were born pre-1994 you likely remember most of these yourself, so here we go. 1. Why don't you check the classifieds? Now this one is an oldie and a goody. Before the age of Kijiji, you actually had to open up a newspaper to see what people were selling, what jobs were currently available, and for the personal ads. Now the classifieds still exist in the


5 Times Our Favorite Cartoons Hit Us Right In The Feelings

Cartoons are designed specifically for entertainment, meaning they are supposed to help us lose ourselves for a little bit while enjoying someone else's world. You don't see it as much anymore, but both animated movies and shows have been known to slip heart-wrenching tidbits into their scripts. These scenes put the true human experience on display, even if their meanings are completely lost on the children watching them. These 5 scenes from cartoons will hit close to home, even if you have the emotional capacity of a boiled potato. 1. Hey Arnold! - Christmas Episode - Mr. Hyunh's Past I


19 Questions We Still Have From Childhood That Need Answering Now

I might be an adult but I still don't yet have answers to some of the most infuriating childhood questions. If you can answer them for us we would greatly appreciate it.1. What did Krumm do with his eyeballs when he needed to use both hands? I feel like eyeballs are not something you put on the shelf. www.dis.uia.mx2. What the hell were these things, what was in them, and what is their purpose? BuzzFeed3. The reality of how CatDog took a dump still escapes us.YuoTube4. Ketchup is supposed to be red. Whose bright idea


15 books You Loved As A Kid That No One Reads Anymore

I love reading. I grew up with my nose in a book and nothing has really changed now that I am an adult. I also love reading to my kids. Every night we read something new, or we move onto the next chapter in whichever book we started. The world of kid's books has changed a lot since I was young, and ever more so from when my father (who instilled my love of reading) was a child. Here are 15 children's books that no one reads to their kids anymore. 1. The Adventures of Pinocchio PDFBooksWorldLong before Disney put