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10 Of The Best King Of The Hill Episodes That Will Have You Saying "Yep"

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King of the Hill was a huge part of our afternoon and evening television schedule when we were growing up. The show ran from 1997 until it was finally wrapped up in 2010, and even though it stretched out until 2010 we are still going to consider it a throwback because of its humble late 90s roots.

Hank, Peggy, Bobby and Luanne made us all remember that regardless of the differences in personalities, family (and possibly propane) is the most important thing in a person's life. With that being said, here are 10 of the best King of the Hill episodes to ever grace the small screen.

1. I Don't Want To Wait For Our Lives To Be Over

When Bobby is offered the keys to his own golf cart while he stays with his grandmother over the summer, he starts to feel like he is becoming a man, but puberty doesn't always go at the same speed for all kids. When Bobby sees Joseph when he comes back from camp, he actually looks like a man, and is even offered a beer at a restaurant, while Bobby is forced to order from the kid's menu. This is one of those turning points in young Bobby Hill's life. Joseph ends up changing so much that they had to change voice actors to make it believable.


2. Keeping Up With Joneses

When Hank catches Bobby smoking a cigarette, he sits his son down and forces him to smoke a whole carton with the hope that it would make him so sick he would never smoke again. What actually ends up happening is that Hank and Peggy pick up smoking again. Luanne is then forced to step in and force them to deal with the withdrawals of quitting.

3. The Powder Puff Boys

Bobby is known to have some comedic ability, which eventually lands him in a spot on the boys Powder Puff cheer leading squad. When the squad is cancelled, Bobby and the other Powder Puffs decide to stage a protest where they dress in drag as female cheer leaders at a football game. Quite a stark stance for the time and audience.

4. Aisle 8A

"It's like a tire fire, trying to put it out makes it worse." This life advice that Hank passes on to Bobby about a woman's time of the month is absolutely hilarious. This episode stems from Hank's fear of visiting the women's feminine hygiene products aisle, and how he has to eventually conquer those fears. It's safe to say men everywhere have a similar fear of some sort.

5. Yankee Hankee

Hank Hill is a proud Texan, and when he applies to receive his "Native Texan" license plate, he is initially denied because they want to see his birth certificate. When he finally approaches his parents about getting it, he finds out that he was born in New York City, specifically in a washroom at Yankee Stadium.

The episodes keep getting better from here.

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