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10 Games That Aren't On The SNES Classic Edition, But Should Be

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Now that Nintendo's announced the SNES Classic Edition, we're all excited to experience our old favorites all over again.

Except not all of our favorites made it onto the system's 21 game list! While it's impossible to get everything on there, we're genuinely surprised and disappointed these 10 didn't make the cut.

1) Chrono Trigger


Considered by many to be the best RPG of all time, Chrono Trigger is a testament to just how great the partnership between Squaresoft and Nintendo was back in the 90s.


While the SNES Classic does come with Super Mario RPG, Secret of Mana and Final Fantasy III, it's surprising that they chose not to include this beloved time-traveling adventure as well.


2) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time


An arcade mainstay that got even better when brought to the Super Nintendo, Turtles in Time is the ultimate 2-player beat 'em up action.


You get to choose your favorite turtle (which is obviously Michelangelo) and fight your way through history on your way to defeating Shredder! Konami, the game's developer, already has Contra 3: The Alien Wars available on the SNES Classic, so why this one didn't make it on is a mystery.


3) Actraiser


An obscure game that not many people remember, Actraiser had you taking on the role of God as you help your people rebuild a world devastated by evil.


Whether it's the strategy sections where you use your angel helper to guide the humans and seal away monsters, or the action levels where you possess a statue and take your righteous wrath out on monsters personally, the game was a unique game that everyone should get to experience.


4) Tetris Attack!


This excellent puzzle game combined the world of Yoshi's Island with genuinely addictive block-swapping challenges, and the result is a game that holds up amazingly well even today.


The worst part is that Japan is actually getting it! That's right, the game's original version, Panel de Pon, is going to be included in Japan's Super Famicom Mini. So what gives, Nintendo?!


5) Mortal Kombat II


It's great that the SNES Classic has Super Street Fighter II, but it'd be even better if they represented the other massive fighting game franchise of the 90s; Mortal Kombat.


While the SNES version of the original was heavily censored (the blood was made into sweat), Mortal Kombat II presented the series in all its bloody glory. We'd love another excuse to land some Fatalities on our friends.


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