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These 7 Quizzical Facts About "Wishbone" Proves No One Ever Listens To The Dog

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I can pretty much guarantee that most people reading this article learnt more about literature from Wishbone than any college course.

This wisecracking dog was incredible at teaching the finer points of many classic books and tied the major themes to a moral lesson that we could all use in our lives.

While Wishbone can speak for himself, here are some little-known facts about the show that we uncovered out by Wanda Gilmore's garden!

Dog-Read-Dog World

The idea for a show came from the creators own Jack Russel Terrier whose life and behaviors he would narrate in his home.

"Well, what if a little dog with a big imagination could take us into some of the greatest stories ever told?" Said creator Rick Duffield. "And, why not make him the hero?"

Soccer's Team

There ended being five dogs that played the infamous Wishbone, however it was one named Soccer that scored the leading role.

Three of the other dogs were there for stand-in shots when Soccer wasn't available, and one was there solely for publicity shots!

A Flipping Good Dog

Soccer actually won the role against 100 other dogs. In the 1994 casting call, the producers had been looking at dogs all day, but they were in for a treat with him. His teacher and him walked in front of them and after successfully completing several tricks, Soccer jumped into a backflip, and the rest as they say was history!

All Ages

The show was geared towards younger audiences, but that didn't stop older individuals from enjoying the show. From grandparents, to parents, and even collage students!

“Some would write us thank you notes for helping them pass freshman lit class,” said Duffield.

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