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10 Game Consoles We Spent Hours Playing But Now Barely Remember

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While game companies like Nintendo have been bringing back their classic consoles, the industry has a very selective memory. Not all of the consoles we owned growing up were global hits. In fact, we spent hours playing games on these 10 forgotten systems:

1. Sega Dreamcast

Ah, take your mind back to just before this console's famous 9/9/99 release date. Remember how excited you were? The console's 32-bit graphics were quickly overshadowed by the PlayStation 2, especially since the Dreamcast was launched with barely any great games.

While the console was later home to hits like Sonic Adventure, Shen Mue and Soul Calibur, it lasted just two years, and ended Sega's home console business for good.

2. Atari Jaguar

Dropped into the red hot console wars of the 1990s, Atari distinguished their console from Nintendo and Sega's by playing up its 64-bit CPU. Their slogan was "Do the Math," which was probably a mistake (nobody wants to think about math while they're gaming).

While Atari quickly lost confidence in the system, fans are still making their own games for it to this day. Nowadays it's also remembered for its finger-crippling controller which featured 22(!) buttons.

3. TurboGrafx-16

This pint-sized console (still the smallest one ever made) failed to compete with the SNES and the Mega Drive despite being "16-bit" (really 8-bit with 16-bit video encoders). The fact that it could display 482 colors at once didn't win over American gamers, but it was more popular in Japan.

4. Sega Nomad

Sega bravely competed with Nintendo for control of the handheld market, and their experiments were always plagued by short battery lives. The company's parting shot at the Game Boy's reigning popularity was the Sega Nomad, a portable version of the Sega Genesis.

Notice the "low battery" light is lit up.Developer's Club

While the console was actually an improvement on the Game Gear, the Nomad was only released in North America. Sega may have been too focused on the Saturn's release to give this handy little console its due.

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