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Here's What Happened To The Larson Family When They Made It 'Home For The Holidays'

It was the perfect storm of the worst way to spend Thanksgiving, all rolled up into a hilarious and heart-tugging film that had us switching back and forth between roaring laughter at Tommy's antics, scoffing at Russell's pitiful attempts at being a person, and questioning just what the hell is going to happen with Leo and Claudia?!

We really felt for Claudia Larson's dramatic introduction. When her daughter decides to cut out on Thanksgiving celebrations just as she loses her job (right after making out with her now-former boss), it seems like Claudia is going to have to toughen it out with the family for turkey dinner.

There was mystery, suspense, scorching insults, and sparks flying every which way during this holiday maelstrom, and when all the dust settled, everything seemed to turn out for the best.

But what ever happened to these characters we came to love after their trying weekend?

Holly Hunter

Following her leading role in the family comedy movie, Hunter went on to produce the 2007 drama Saving Grace, where she also played the starring character.

She has had a busy career in acting, starring in many famous movies such as Always, Copycat, Crash, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, The Incredibles, and more recently, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

She has received seven Emmy nominations throughout her career, and won dozens of other awards for her top-notch performances.

Dylan McDermott

The pseudo-boyfriend of Claudia's brother Tommy had us questioning his intentions, and McDermott pulled off the role perfectly.

He's since become a heartthrob on many other films and TV shows. Perhaps his real claim to fame came from his role as head lawyer in legal drama series The Practice, where he won himself a Golden Globe award.

Now-a-days, he is well-known for his revealing role in American Horror Story, though is still appearing regularly in other dramas like Hostages, and Stalker.

Claire Danes

She played the run-away daughter that led to her mother attending the crazy events of the Larson Thanksgiving dinner, but she also had one of the most successful acting careers afterwards.

Danes has so far won three Emmy Awards, four Golden Globe Awards, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, and performed in both many award winning films and theater productions.

With hit after hit, Danes has appeared in now-classic productions such as Romeo+Juliet, My So-Called Life, Les Miserables, Pygmalion, Homeland, among many others.

Claudia would be so proud...

Robert Downey Jr.

Without a doubt the most recognizable and popular stars to have graced this classic Thanksgiving special.

Despite admitting to taking heroin during filming, his performance really sold the whole plot, committing to his character with the half-annoying, half-charming banter he has since perfected.

How else to describe the career of Downey Jr. other than legendary? His list of awards is too numerous to summarize, his filmography includes hits like Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Zodiac, and his now many installments of the Marvel universe as the superhero Iron Man.

He was the highest-paid actor in Hollywood for three whole years in a row, and continues to earn it with every role he is cast in.

Geraldine Chaplin

The wacky Aunt Glady was the much needed brevity at times when the movie was getting a little too much of a downer. Chaplin nailed the role that would make her late father, the great Charlie Chaplin, grin with appreciation.

Her long line of industry experience is indicative of her amazing acting abilities. She has appeared in dozens of films, capable of speaking in English, French, and Spanish and continues to impress critics and audiences with her emotional range, comfortable in anything from comedy, to romance, to more pensive personalities.

Though she began her acting career after being discovered through dance, she transitioned from her successful theater performances to film and never looked back.

The Three Musketeers, Welcome To L.A., The Age of Innocence, and biographical piece on her father, Chaplin, are just a handful of the multitude of motion pictures she has brought to the forefront of the industry.


Jodie Foster

Not many people know that Foster was the director of this holiday classic, but by this point in her life she was no stranger to being on set.

She jumped to our screens by appearing as lead on popular films such as Taxi Driver, Disney's Freaky Friday, and The Silence of the Lambs. She has won many awards for her starring roles, however she has returned to directing in recent years. She has led production on several popular movies and television series on popular streaming service, Netflix.

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