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Your 15 Favorite Christmas Movies Are On Sale For Less Than $10

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Christmas is nearly upon us, and that means it's time for Christmas movies. Sure, you could wait until one of these maybe comes up on TV, but for less than the cost of a Big Mac meal you can own them and cherish them forever!

These deals are on Amazon for a limited time and have limited stock, so don't wait!

How The Grinch Stole Christmas (DVD - $8, Blu-Ray $10)

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Buy the beloved Christmas classic and feel your heart grow three sizes! Amazon

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (DVD - $8, Blu-Ray - $10)

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Make your Christmas infinitely better than Clark's by buying this bad boy here: Amazon

It's A Wonderful Life (DVD - $6, Blu-Ray - $10)


Ever wanted to know how an angel gets its wings? Watch this movie to find out! Amazon

Lethal Weapon (DVD - $6, Blu-Ray - $8)

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It's one of the best action movies ever, and it takes place at Christmas! Amazon

White Christmas (DVD - $6, Blu-Ray - $10)


It's a beloved classic for a reason, and you need it in your collection. Amazon

Mickey's Christmas Carol (DVD - $8.50, Blu-Ray - $15)


Disney knocked their version of the classic Dickens story out of the park, and we get to reap the reward. Amazon

Elf (DVD - $7.50, Blu-Ray - $8.50)

New Line Cinema

Not everyone likes Will Ferrell, but everyone can get behind this joyful classic. Amazon

Home Alone 1 & 2 (DVD - $10, Blu-Ray - $14)


At basically $5 a movie, you NEED to own this classic Christmas franchise! Amazon

A Christmas Story (DVD - $8, Blu-Ray - $8)

Warner Bros.

Even if you don't get a Daisy Gun this Christmas, you can get this classic movie instead! Amazon

Rankin/Bass Christmas Classics (DVD - $17, Blu-Ray - $14)


All of your claymation faves in one set! What more could you want? Amazon

Miracle On 34th Street (DVD - $10, Blu-Ray - $10)


It's older than our parents, and we still love it to this day. Amazon

A Charlie Brown Christmas (DVD - $8, Blu-Ray - $10)

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Trust me, it's not Christmas unless you've watched this. Amazon

The Polar Express (DVD - $8, Blu-Ray - $8)

Warner Bros.

Who wouldn't wanna take a magical Christmas train ride with Tom Hanks? Amazon

Muppet Christmas Carol (DVD - $9, Blu-Ray - $17)


THE best version of A Christmas Carol, and if you haven't seen it, get it NOW. Amazon

Die Hard (DVD - $4, Blu-Ray $10)


It's the best Christmas movie. You know it, I know it, buy it. Amazon

These deals could end before you know it, so grab them while you can!