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Will Smith Has Just Shared The First Photo Of The Aladdin Cast All Together


The new Aladdin movie is officially in production! Filming has started and the whole cast is ready to make all this Disney reboot the best yet.


We have even been adding more cast members as recently as this week, and people are getting excited to see how all of this is going to turn out. It's hard to imagine how they intend on making something so whimsical and magical like Aladdin come to life, but I guess we will just have to be patient.


The cast has finally all assembled in one place, and it's pretty exciting to see them all together.

We have Mena Massoud playing Aladdin

Naomi Scott as Princess Jasmine

Marwan Kenzari as Jafar

and Will Smith as Genie

This week a new cast member was announced, someone who wasn't even in the original cartoon. The new character created for the movie is Prince Anders who will be played by Billy Magnussen.

Another new role that was made will be for Nasim Pedrad who will play Mara, the handmaiden and friend of Jasmine.


We got to see some of the cast all together for the first time and it's pretty exciting!

Seeing the chemistry between cast mates is always a good indicator of how a movie is going to turn out. The group seems to have assembled nicely and are already acting like a family!


Much like their cartoon counterparts, these stars are ready to have a magical adventure. They posed together with big smiles and it makes it all a little bit more real.


Will Smith posted the picture first and his "new family" were quick to repost it with their own comments.

Naomi Scott was happy to call them her "New family," while Mena Massoud said that "Agrabah just got a lot hotter. Ooof. Gonna keep you posted on everything Aladdin peeps."

Naomi Scott
Mena Moussad

They are currently filming at the Longcross Studios outside of London so if you happen to be out in that area maybe you can get a sneak peak of Agrabah!

Are you excited for this live action remake?