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10 Movie Plots That Would Be Foiled By Modern Technology

All art is a product of the time it's made in, and movies are no exception. It's not common for writers to consider how their scripts will hold up in the future (I mean look how much old sci-fi takes place in the year 2015), and these 10 movies in particular really wouldn't work with modern technology.

Revenge of the Nerds

We're not saying that cliques and bullying don't happen in high school anymore, but in an era where superhero movies make literal billions of dollars and we have beloved sitcoms where people play Dungeons and Dragons, being a nerd isn't exactly the stigma it once was.

Home Alone

If Kevin McAllister had a smartphone, he could have easily just texted his parents that they left him behind and that some creepy guys were lurking around the house. Cops would be called, people arrested, and the movie would be 5 minutes long.

The Ring

There's a killer VHS tape around? No worries; who the hell even has a VCR anymore?

Sixteen Candles

Between Facebook, Twitter, and every other kind of social media platform out there on the internet, there is no way anybody would forget about Molly Ringwald's birthday.

The Big Lebowski

You can find out just about everything about a person these days with a quick Google search, so there's no way multiple different groups would confuse a bum for a billionaire.

The next few movies get extra unrealistic if you set them in 2017...

Pretty Woman

Richard Gere would have punched a destination into his GPS and gotten there no problem. No need to stop and ask the local prostitutes for directions.

Forrest Gump

How quickly could Forrest have just looked up Jenny's address instead of sitting around on benches if he had a smartphone?


Between Youtube, Spotify, Pandora, Bandcamp, and the thousands of other online music services we have nowadays, a town would have to try really freaking hard to ban any kind of music.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Ferris' parents would probably have just called him on a cell phone and heard a parade in the background. Also, let's be real, the smug prick probably would've put his whole day up on Facebook.

Literally every slasher movie

With GPS and mobile data, avoiding places that had strings of grisly murders suddenly becomes pretty easy.

What movie do you think wouldn't work with modern technology? Let us know in the comments!