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20 Pictures That Are Painfully Familiar To Everyone Who Lived Through The '90s

If your childhood was filled with rainbows and butterflies, please do not scroll down this page because it has nothing to do with you.

But if you're part of the majority who occasionally cringe when taking a trip down memory lane, you will "enjoy" these next few images.

20. Heelys and Crocs existed in the late 90s. If you purchased one, you're probably so embarrassed right now. If you didn't, you thought about it, so you're pretty embarrassed about that.

Even adults in the late '90s and early '00s thought about buying these footwear.  

If you put jewels in your crocs, you're probably shuddering so violently right now. I apologize for bringing back those memories.

19. When you said "talk to the hand, 'cause the face ain't listening."

Then everyone around you said "OHHHHHHH." But really, 'Oh' for what?

18. But your best comeback was "Yo' Momma!"

17. Your first Internet username.

If it had something to do with your favorite tv show, sport, animal, number, or some variation of your name, you just hope that it's been deactivated.

16. Guys with this hairstyle:


15. Or if your hair was long, it always looked like an intentional mess.

Half-curly is not the way to go. Make up your mind!

14. Unisex clothes that said: "I'm cold...but I'm also hot!"

13. "Smoking" Popeye's candy sticks.

12. Crying over being the murderer in Clue.

11. Or having the WORST life ever on The Game of Life.

10. Having a stamp, coin, or trading card collection that you obsessed about.

Take a deep breath, then keep going and shudder some more.

9. Kids nowadays say "YOLO," but we used to say "take a chill pill." Then we'd pop a tic-tac or something.

For the record, neither are cool.

8. This was such a waste of money.

I had a link that said "live, love, laugh," a cute dog, a sun, a Virgo sign, and then I didn't have enough money to purchase more. Did you finish yours?

7. You said "Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto" for no apparent reason.

6. You took these mood rings way too seriously.

5. You had a feeling it was a bad idea, but everyone had them so you bought it anyway.

4. Blond tips.

Those beaded necklaces too.

3. What are those?

Seriously... What were those?

And these.

2. It was also very important for guys to tell the world what their favorite show was, because we obviously were dying to know that information, without having to ask them.

1. Family photos. Family photos. Family photos.

Honestly any group photo that is not digitized.

We apologize for bringing back these memories.  

We'd love to know what childhood memory makes you cringe the most! Let us know in the comments.