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What 15 Of Your Favorite Nick Game Show Hosts Are Up To These Days


We would run from the school bus all the way to our couch to catch every second of our favorite Nick game shows. But what ever happened to the hosts after their shows were cancelled? We tracked down 15 of the network's stars and learned what they've been up to since the '90s.

1. Omar Gooding (Wild &Crazy Kids)

Gooding, the younger brother of actor Cuba Gooding Jr., got to oversee all the ridiculous competitions on this show, including lots of pie fights. He's never really left TV, appearing on shows like Smart Guy, Deadwood, and the short-lived Barbershop TV series.

He's still looking for his big role, but you can catch him in a lot of upcoming movies.

2. Summer Sanders (Figure It Out)


Before her career as a TV host began, Sanders won four medals at the 1992 summer Olympics as a swimmer. Ever since, she's worked steadily as a swimming commentator, including covering the Olympics for NBC.

If you're a fan of celebrity reality shows, you'll be pleased to learn Summer has appeared on a few. She was a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice in 2012, as well as Food network's Celebrity Cook-Off.

3. Vivianne Collins (You're On!)

The host of this hidden camera show was also the face of U-Pick Friday LIVE and Robot Wars for the network, but these days she's mainly working behind the scenes.

Collins worked as a location scout for HGTV Canada, helping them find houses for their hit renovation and house-flipping shows. But she's picked up more acting jobs in the last few years, including on an episode of the new Degrassi.

4. Skip Lackey (Think Fast!)

This clown college graduate (yes, really) filled in for Michael Carrington once he left the quiz show. He's now a "mindfulness and leadership expert," a life coach and creator of self-help programs who has worked with Fortune 500 companies like McDonald's.

5. Donnie Jeffcoat (Wild and Crazy Kids)

Just 15 years old when he started hosting this game show, Jeffcoat continued his career with regular roles on The Wonder Years, 7th Heaven, and One Life to Live. You may also remember him from the Disney Channel movie Wish Upon a Star. Jeffcoat is still acting, but also teaching martial arts in Los Angeles.

6. Mike O'Malley (Guts)

Probably the most successful Nick host of all, O'Malley had major roles in movies like Deep Impact before landing the lead in the sitcom Yes, Dear. You've probably seen him more recently in Concussion and Sully, or maybe as Kurt's dad on Glee.

Watch O'Malley narrate one of the most infamous Guts clips.

Remember Double Dare? Keep reading to learn what the host is doing today...

7. Kirk Fogg (Legends of the Hidden Temple)

Fogg has led a very interesting life since he left the set of Hidden Temple. He had small roles on other TV shows, including Grey's Anatomy, but also spent time directing his own movie, building homes and writing a book. Last year, he returned to the series that made him famous for a small role in Nickelodeon's Legends of the Hidden Temple movie.

8. Phil Moore (Nick Arcade)

Moore has dabbled in writing, acting and producing other TV shows since he left this video game-inspired competition show. Mainly, he's focused on a career as a motivational speaker and minister.

He was involved with a Kickstarter for new show called Enthlevel, pitched as a spiritual sequel to Nick Arcade, but it only raised $3,000 of its $350,000 goal.

9. Marc Summers (Double Dare / What Would You Do?)

The host of the network's silliest and slimiest game show has kept himself busy since leaving Nick. He's kept hosting on Food Network shows like Unwrapped, and became a producer for the network's Restaurant: Impossible series.

He had a rough year in 2012, when he had a cancer scare and was involved in a car accident. Summers says he was lucky to walk away without brain damage after his taxi cab slammed into another car.

Summers has also written about his life with OCD, and raises money and awareness for other people living with the condition. He also spilled the beans about just what that green slime was really made of.

10. Moira "Mo" Quirk (Guts)

Yes, she still owns a piece of the Aggro Crag. The Guts referee is still in the entertainment business but working mainly as a voice actor. She was the voice of Dr. Vahlen in the recent XCom games, and played many characters on the cartoon My Life as a Teenage Robot.

11. Lew Schneider (Make the Grade)

The original host of this trivia challenge switched careers after he left the show, becoming a stand up comic and eventually a TV writer. He won two Emmys for Everybody Loves Raymond and later became a producer.

Schneider also worked on American Dad and The New Adventures of Old Christine, and now is an executive producer on The Goldbergs.

12. Wesley Eure (Finders Keepers)

Before he was the host of this seriously challenging scavenger hunt game, Eure made a name for himself on Days of our Lives, and the '70s cult hit Land of the Lost.

Eure was the co-creator of the PBS cartoon Dragon Tales, and has written a number of books for both children and adults.

13. Michael Carrington (Think Fast!)

This show wasn't that entertaining, but the $100 per round stakes seemed really generous when we were kids. Carrington kept working in television after the show ended, becoming a producer on sitcoms including Martin, The Jamie Foxx Show and That's So Raven.

He also produced the Raven spin-off Cory in the House. His latest project was First Family, which ran for just one season in 2013.

14. Jessica Gaynes (Wild & Crazy Kids)

While Gaynes had a few acting jobs after her time on Nick, she's mainly focused on working with underprivileged kids instead of wild and crazy ones. She's an activist helping to end child labor, but still does some acting and painting too.

15. Annette Chavez (Wild & Crazy Kids)

Now named Annette M. Lesure, this actress had a recurring role on What About Brian and guest spots on shows like CSI and Bones.

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