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It's A Pixar-Off! Tom Hanks and Ellen DeGeneres Reprise Their Famous Roles In An Improvised Scene Together

Tom Hanks is a treasure. I think that can be agreed upon by all. His magical personality has never wavered over the many years that he has been a mega-star and for that we thank him. He has once again proved why he deserves the title of World's Most Adorable Man when he joined Ellen DeGeneres in a fun Pixar-Off when he recently appeared on the show. Hanks plays the stressed out cowboy Woody in the Pixar series Toy Story and Ellen voices Dory in Finding Nemo. When they got together they made millions of kids smile as they heard two of their favorite characters interacting.

The two Pixar stars improvise a little scene after discussing the fact that parents are often more excited to see them than the kids. Hanks asks whether or not Ellen gets kids to close their eyes so they can picture Dory in their minds.

Hanks then proposes the Pixar-Off where Dory and Woody look for his hat which is interesting given that one of these characters should probably stay in the water.

They then talk about how hard it is to emote through the voice. Hanks explains that Woody is a little bit high strung, which he finds exhausts him by the end of the day. They also bonded over the funny noises they have to record in so many ways from the gasps to the grunts it seems like Pixar is very thorough in their recording process.

The video of the two actors reminds you of just how charming Tom Hanks is and also will get you excited for Toy Story 4 which is due to come out in 2018.