Remember Your Favorite Emo Crushes? See What They Look Like Today

Were you caught wearing baggy black pants, heavy eyeliner and studded bracelets?  Whether you fully embraced the emo lifestyle or you just loved the music that came out of it, you probably remember these familiar faces. From magazine cutouts, to locker posters and scrapbooks, our teenage years were so involved in our favorite celebrities's lives that we knew everything about them. But what about now? Where did our emo crushes end up after we grew up? Joel Madden and Benji Madden From Good CharlottePinterestRemember the brothers from Good Charlotte that we swooned over? Whether it was the bad boy


15 Teen Heartthrobs We Were All Totally In Love With In The 80s

The 80s were a pretty wild time. We all had hair bigger than basketballs, everyone was rocking shoulder pads and technology was changing so quickly. We had a lot going for us at the time, including a bunch of teen heartthrobs who seemed to be perfectly designed for each of our individual types. Whether you were into the preppy kid, the jocks, or the rebel without a cause, there was absolutely a teen heartthrob in the 80s that was basically custom made for you. Which one were you totally in love with? 1. Emilo EstevezUniversal Pictures2. Andrew McCarthyParamount Pictures3. Michael


What Do All Your Childhood Celebrity Crushes Look Like Now?

Everyone had a childhood crush; that one special boy or girl that made you feel all nervous and awkward any time they were around. Most of us also had a TV crush. The characters on our favorite shows were all too lovable and kind of hard to live up to. Who was your dream date when you were a kid? We all had a lot of the same ones right? Let's see what they look like now.Randy Taylor - Jonathan Taylor ThomasABC / ZimbioHe doesn't act too often anymore, his last few acting credits were reuniting with Tim Allen in


9 Things All 90s Girls Did When They Had A Crush

Ah, young love. There's nothing like it!Remember the days when you didn't have Tinder or texting or Facebook or eHarmony or Snapchat or ANYTHING remotely helpful? It was just you, the boy you liked, and a landline phone. That was it. Hope you have his phone number. It was wildly stressful having a crush in the '90s. And frankly it still is. Maybe try using some of these '90s "flirting" tactics in your love life today and see if they help!1. You seriously considered a full makeover. If 90s movies taught us anything, it's that outer beauty is