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15 Unlikely Uses For Aloe Vera That Will Transform Your Life

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Aloe vera is super cheap to buy and can be grown in your home all year round.

This "miracle plant" has been used for centuries for medicinal and beauty purposes. It was said to be the secret to Cleopatra's beauty.

Believe or not, aloe vera is from the same family as garlic and onions.

They are filled with all sorts of vitamins and minerals, contain more than 20 amino acids, and have healing properties that have been tried-and-tested by people around the world.

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Here are 15 unlikely ways you can take advantage of this plant to help you live a healthier life.

1. Encourages hair growth

The aloe vera plant contains an enzyme called proteolytic, which is specialized in repairing dead skin cells.

When massaging the green, sticky substance on your scalp, you're stimulating the follicles and encouraging hair growth.

This miracle plant will also alleviate any existing scalp conditions that are impeding your hair from growing.

2. Relieves arthritis

Aloe vera will work wonders on any kind of joint pain.

The plant contains an enzyme known as glucosamine, which is also present in the cartilage of the joints.

When massaged onto your skin, this enzyme will relieve pain, stiffness, and inflammation on the affected area.

3. Works as mouthwash

Aloe vera's filled with natural ingredients that can cleanse the mouth, heal swollen gums, and prevent plaque formation.

You'll want to wash your mouth with 100% pure aloe vera juice at least once a day to see results.

One study found that aloe vera juice can be as effective at reducing plaque as brand name mouthwashes.

4. Heals bruises

Bruises can happen at any time and for many different reasons.

To heal them faster, rub the gel inside the inner leaf onto the affected area.

The sugar molecules in aloe vera contain vitamins A and E, which are great for boosting your immune system and nourishing wounds to help them heal faster.

5. Cleanses the air

Aloe vera plants are super easy to grow. All you need is a piece of the existing plant, a spot in your home that gets a lot of sunshine, and water.

If you don't want to grow it, you can buy them for cheap.

Most plants sleep at night, which means they're not releasing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide, but aloe vera doesn't.

Make sure you keep one in your living room and bedroom!

6. Reduces dandruff

Both aloe vera extract and the gel can help to get rid of those embarrassing flakes.

The pectin and polysaccharides stimulate the cells, killing any bacteria that are clogging up your hair follicles, and help to create fresh cells.

The anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera will work to reduce inflammation and soothe the itching.

7. Reverses sign of aging  

One thing I've noticed about my skin after applying aloe vera gel once a day is that it looks so much healthier.

My skin literally glows and I don't need to wash my face as much as I used to.

Aloe vera contains antioxidants that gradually reverse the signs of aging. That's why you get that youthful glow.

8. Alleviates nausea

Aloe vera juice is perfect for the times you feel sick to your stomach.

This plant is believed to have antiviral and antibacterial properties that work to balance the good and bad bacteria in your stomach.

Consuming aloe vera juice daily will strengthen your immune system and prevent you from getting sick often.

9. Soothes allergic skin reactions

Any time my skin is acting up, whether it be from my eczema, a rash, or a mosquito bite, I massage a generous amount of aloe vera gel on the affected areas.

The mannose and glucose compounds work to soothe redness, itchiness, and dryness.

The other minerals in this miracle plant also work to fight infections by boosting your immune system.

10. Removes makeup

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Ditch all those chemical ridden facial cleansers you have at home and use aloe vera instead.

The gel will gently and safely remove your makeup without the use of harsh chemicals that ultimately dry out your skin.

As I mentioned before, aloe vera helps to smooth out wrinkles, so putting it on your eye has so many benefits you don't want to miss out on.

What I do is soak aloe vera in cotton balls and put them in the fridge. The cold compress is also great to remove puffy or dark undereye circles.

11. Encourages a healthy lifestyle

Because of aloe vera's detoxifying properties, when digested it helps to cleanse your system, remove excess fat, and improve your metabolism.

Aloe vera juice is the perfect way to start off your morning.

In a glass of water, squeeze half a lemon and add a tablespoon of aloe vera gel. It's healthy and delicious!

12. Prevents pimples and acne

The antibacterial properties of aloe vera gel reduces redness and treats acne.

After years of applying commercial acne medications to remove the scars on my face, I decided to try something natural.

The brand names were doing nothing for my skin other than upsetting its natural pH level.

At the time, I was drinking aloe vera juice every day, so I decided to apply that gel on my face to see what would happen.

I'm so glad I did. I can't remember the last time my skin felt this soft.

13. Relieves heartburn

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My mother is a huge health nut and the only thing she swears by to have helped her acid reflux is aloe vera.

She mixes aloe vera powder in water and drinks it. That way the medicinal properties of the plant come in contact with the esophagus to reduce irritation.

Make sure the laxative properties of aloe vera are removed before you ingest it for heartburn. Talk to your pharmacist or doctor on how you can incorporate aloe vera into your diet.

14. Keeps produce fresh longer

Studies have found that produce coated with aloe vera gel have a longer shelf life than ones that were not coated with this translucent substance.

This protective coating blocks harmful bacteria from growing and eliminates the need for pesticides.

15. Softens hair and skin

Aloe veras are equipped to survive harsh conditions, all thanks to their ability to store water.

Because of this, they're extremely hydrating and make the perfect moisturizer.

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