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Why Do We Love Hearing Toto Bless The Rains Down In Africa?

Know Your Meme

If it's been some time since you have heard the deep and mysterious bop by legendary 80s band Toto, then you may not realize why "Africa" has become the feel-good anthem of the internet.

With it's iconic beat, smooth keyboard riffs, and soulful singing, it's no small wonder that the song was an instant hit when it came out in 1982 and topped the charts. What no one expected is that it would still have incredible fame 35 years later.

The soft-rock tune is a crowd-favorite and people are not afraid to dish on their love for it.

It has reached a point where you can listen to the song on repeat forever and ever on this website (like I did for this article).

But what about it makes us want to turn up the volume all the way and belt out the chorus every time we hear it?

This is something that has actually been studied. Ben Lunt, the Executive Digital Director of BMB in London says it is a product of it's era.

"‘Africa’ is a peak 80s tune. It’s so completely of its time," he says. "There's a genuine nostalgia of people of my age, and a borrowed nostalgia of younger people. It has that tie-back to your childhood and that makes you feel safe."

The song is written about a man's desire to visit a country he has only ever heard stories about, but feels a love for.

If you're ready to check it out for yourself, then be prepared to start feeling some raw emotion.

"Go on boy, she's waiting there for you..."

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