10 Incredible 90s Toy Commercials That Had Us Spending All Our Parents' Money


As we get closer and closer to Christmas, the number of commercials aimed directly at kids has drastically increased with each passing day. Most of them follow the same cookie cutter script, with little to no creativity, what ever happened to the awesome commercials from the 90s that we all grew up with?

Leading up to Christmas 2017, let's take a look back at the toys we all wanted as kids because the commercials made them all look like so much "fun."

1. Talkboy

With smartphones being as prolific as they are, there is no longer any market for these kinds of toys, but you definitely wanted one to play tricks on your siblings and friends. Blackmailing you brother or sister became a real possibility with one of these at your disposal.

2. Floam

They still make and cell Floam to this day. Although it is essentially the same product it always was, I still prefer the 90s commercial that made you believe that you could become a great sculptor.

3. Mouse Trap

I always wanted this board game, but I never ended up getting it as a kid. It looked like a ton of fun. With so many moving pieces you just wanted to be able to capture that damn mouse. Now that my own children own a copy of the game, I realize that the commercial from the 90s did a great job of overselling it.

4. Don't Wake Daddy

Another board game hits this list. I had completely forgotten about this until I recently saw it on my Facebook feed, but this game looked amazing from the commercial. It essentially is a precursor to teaching kids how to sneak out of the house after curfew.

5. Squand

After you watch the commercial for Squand, you really have to wonder what exactly the director had in mind when he was creating it. Squand did look like a ton of fun, but that kid they featured looks like he was someone you didn't want to be friends with.

6. Rugrats Talking Dolls  

Remember when Rugrats was one of the most popular cartoons on television? The people behind the marketing for the show and its products explored every avenue for making money, including these talking dolls. They were creepy as hell and were more likely to give you nightmares than make you want one of these.

7. Magic Potty Baby

Not only was the commercial completely unnerving, the toy itself was pretty gross. Who wanted to play with pee as a kid? And from the looks of the toy's "pee," the child was wildly dehydrated and unhealthy.

8. Sky Dancers

The commercial describes these toys as "beautiful," which for some I guess they might be. But they are also dangerous LOL. How many kids ended up getting attacked with these? I don't know how many eye injuries were accumulated by kids across the U.S., but it is safe to say more than a couple.  

9. Socker Boppers

On the list of dangerous toys, Socker Boppers have to take the trophy. They were amazingly fun, and watching the two kids punch each other in the face during the commercial was epic. They were more fun than a pillow fight, but they also did way more damage to your brain.

10. Doodle Bear

Parents were originally excited about being able to give their kids something that they could draw on that wasn't the walls. You could just draw all over this bear and then wash it clean in the washing machine. What they weren't expecting thought was that the ink had the potential to run into all the clothes you put it in the machine with.

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