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Doodle Bears Were The Best Toy And Don't Try To Tell Me Otherwise

Toys in the 90s were a lot different than they are now. Kids these days don't really seem to notice anything that isn't attached to an iPad, but back when we were kids teddy bears and coloring books reigned supreme. The day they combined those two things into one? Absolute magic.

The Doodle Bear came out in the mid-nineties and holy moly were they ever huge! Everyone wanted one! I mean, I know I did (and honestly still do).

Such a simple concept too, all they were was a bear that was washable so kids could draw all over their toy and then throw it in the washing machine and start over. Endless amount of fun to be had.

They even started to bring out new versions like the "Tie Dye Doodle Bear" as well as different animals if bears weren't really your thing.

If you never had one of these, one of your friends definitely did. They were everywhere. The commercial was extremely catchy too so every kid was probably singing along at home.

You can still buy these Doodle Bears, but they do look a bit different. At least the legacy lives on!

Did you have one of these as a kid? Share if you remember?