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14 Toys That'll Instantly Remind You Of Your Childhood, Even Though You Totally Forgot Them / Trending

The time when we were kids just running around seems like a lifetime ago. We've changed so much over the years, it has some truth to it. As we grew older, we had experiences that shaped us into the responsible adults we are today.

Yet, sometimes we will spy our kids playing with a toy that we used to love, and it will take us back to those moments when we would be inseparable from it.

Take a look at these classic items from decades ago, and see if you feel like running home to crack open the toy chest!

These are definitely the original hacky-sacks

This game was so hard, and yet so much fun!

Whoa! These faces just took me back!

Well done parents, this really did make chores fun for kids

Oh my gosh! It's Barney, Baby Bop, and B.J.!

Somehow, it was the learning games that were the most fun

It wasn't great for seeing in the dark, but the filters rocked!

These were everywhere and we were able to create some pretty cool art with them!

I will bet that so many American Idol stars got their start with one of these awesome tape recorders

Hey! I totally remember me and my siblings playing with this, even if we did lose the pieces all the time

The huge wooden pieces of these puzzles made it easy, but we still loved revealing the scenes underneath them

Okay, I'll be the first to admit it. I was the one who was always trying to eat these play foods. Sorry for the teeth marks

Talk about a flashback! Anyone else spend hours playing with this castle set? So many battle reenactments...

Or the pirate ship version? All hands on deck!

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