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The Ultimate List Of McDonald's Toys That We Obsessed Over As Kids

Dinosaur Dracula

As much as we loved milkshakes, hamburgers and crispy chicken nuggets, the best part of eating at McDonald's as a kid was the free toy in our happy meal.

Over the years we collected so many of these great toys. Here are some of the best ones:

Rubber Band Motor Boats (1981)

Playmobil Figures (1982)

Little Golden Books (1982)

Hot Wheels (1983)

Play-Doh (1983)

Popoids (1984)

Ronald McDonald Cloth Doll (1984)

A little creepy....but still fun!

Astroniks (1984)

Lego Super Travelers (1985)

My Little Pony (1985)

Transformers (1985)

Pullback Race Cars (1985)

Construx (1986)

Berenstain Bears Figures (1986)

Tinosaurs (1986)

Disney Activity Books (1987)

Muppet Babies Figures (1987)

Crayola Markers and Crayons (1987)

Sea World Animal Plushies (1988)

McNuggets Buddies and Halloween Costumes (1988 and 1993)

Have you seen your favorite set already? We have lots more classic ones to remember...

Fraggle Rock Racers (1988)

I think every home in America still has one of these toys lying around somwhere.

Oliver and Company Figures (1988)

Bambi Figurines (1988)

McDonaldland Lunch Boxes (1988)

Mac Tonight Moon Man Figures (1988)

Changeables (1987 and 1989)

Garfield Vehicles (1989)

Halloween Ghost and Pumpkin Buckets (1985 and 1989)

Fry Kids (1989)

Mickey's Birthday Land Race Cars (1989)

Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers (1989)

The Little Mermaid (1989)

Berenstain Bear Books (1989)

Camp McDonaldland (1990)

These were fun and useful. The set included a canteen and a collapsible cup.

Super Mario Bros 3 (1990)

Barbie Dolls and Backdrops (1990)

McDino Changeables (1991)

Tiny Toon Flip Cars (1991)

M Squad (1992)

These toys were paranormal devices meant to help track down Grimace's missing voice, which is a much deeper story-line than most McDonald's toy sets had.

Batman Car Figures (1992)

Keep reading, because some of the best toy sets of all are still to come...

Potato Head Kids (1992)

Dinosaurs Figures (1992)

Tiny Toons Cars (1992)

This set included little ball bearings that would pop as you rolled the cars back and forth, at least until your parents took the toy away because it was so annoying.

Nickelodeon Game Gadgets (1992)

Food Fundamental Figures (1992)

Michael Jordan Fitness Fun (1992)

No matter what team you cheered for, everyone loved Michael Jordan in the '90s. These mini basketballs were surprisingly tough. I know a few people who still have them in good condition.

Bobby's World Cars (1994)

Space Rescue (1995)

Power Rangers Movie Toys (1995)

Space Jam Toys (1996)

This promotion included plastic toys and plush figures.

Babe Plush Animals (1996)

Muppet Treasure Island Floating Toys (1996)

Beanie Babies (1997)

We hope you saved these, they could be worth something today!

Skydancers (1997)

Hercules Action Figures (1997)

Mighty Ducks Sliding Pucks (1997)

Lion King Plush Toys (1998)

Tamagotchi Keychains (1998)

Mini Furbys (1999)

If you were a little too old for some of these toys, you might enjoy our roundup of vintage McDonald's toys.

Share this list if you remember any of these toys!