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'The Sandlot' Took Over Dodger Stadium To Celebrate The Movie's 25th Anniversary

The Sandlot is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, and the cast has been getting together over the last couple of months to remember the iconic movie.

In April, the cast got together on The Today Show and talked about their experience, saying that they still get recognized regularly.

The Sandlot
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The movie created one of those fictional sports teams that we all tend to get obsessed with. It's almost like The Mighty Ducks, which made us all start quacking all the time, except with these guys we liked to call our shots like Ham.

But now, the kids from The Sandlot got to hit the big time, leaving behind their makeshift ball diamond and taking it to the major league.

Ham, Timmy, Repeat, Smalls, Bertram, Squints, Yeah-Yeah, and DeNunez were all back together on the baseball diamond again, but this time it was at Dodger Stadium.

The Los Angeles Dodgers decided that our all-time favorite team deserved a special celebration, so they were all given personalized jerseys with their character names on them and the number '25' to celebrate the anniversary.

The Dodgers played their game, but afterwards the fans were treated to a special screening of the movie.

If you had told this group of kids 25 years ago that they would have their movie playing in Dodger Stadium one day, I'm pretty sure they would think you were crazy.

The gang was all there, and they were happy to be together again.

The stadium gave away special Sandlot themed t-shirts to the fans, and they also got a chance to meet the cast.

The guys were excited to be a part of the event, and took pictures with their fans and of course the Dodgers themselves.

It's nice to know that they all still want to hang out after all these years, celebrating a movie that really influenced a lot of us and obviously changed their lives.

Who was your favorite member of The Sandlot team when you were a kid?

The Sandlot was a big movie from our childhood, but with one of the lead actors missing it had people wondering where he had been. Well, it turns out that Benny has been going through some legal issues lately so he probably wanted to keep a low profile.

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