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The Cabbage Patch Kids Scandal They've Been Trying To Sweep Under The Rug

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Basically everyone had a Cabbage Patch Kid growing up. They were hugely popular, so even if you didn't own one, you were at least familiar with them.

Cabbage Patch Kids

Their round faces and big eyes were so distinctive from other dolls available at the time. They also had their own little certificates with their name and birthday which meant that each one was unique. However, it turns out that there was a big secret behind one of America's favorite dolls.

Cabbage Patch Kids were created by Xavier Roberts in 1978. He was only 21 when he started developing the dolls that were originally called "The Little People".

They were similar to the Cabbage Patch Kids you know now, in that instead of purchasing one, you would "adopt" one. They were made using a needle molding technique and were each completely unique.

They were sold at Xavier Roberts gift shop, then later were brought to their first store: Babyland General Hospital in Cleveland, Georgia.

In 1982, Roberts gave the dolls the new name of Cabbage Patch Kids when he began to license smaller versions out to a toy company called Coleco. The dolls started to be sold with the story of their discovery, which stated that a 10-year-old boy named Xavier Roberts discovered the Cabbage Patch Kids when he was following a "BunnyBee" behind a waterfall. He found the magical babies being born so he wanted to help them find good families.


They have had a few different companies in control of production over the years. Once Coleco went bankrupt in 1988, Hasbro took over. In 1994, Mattel bought the rights and tried to make some big changes.

Cabbage Patch Kids are still popular to this day, but it turns out their history is a little more controversial than you'd think.

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