The Real History Of Monopoly Is A Lot More Controversial Than You'd Expect

Playing Monopoly with your family and friends was a pretty common thing when you were a kid. A lot of us still try to play it when we hang out in groups, but we all know the game usually ends up with someone frustrated. William WarbyHowever, it turns out, the game we all know and love has a controversial past that they don't want you to know about. Carbon CostumeThe story that the Parker Brothers have been shipping along with their board game is always the same: Charles Darrow invented the game while he was unemployed during the Depression. By


The Cabbage Patch Kids Scandal They've Been Trying To Sweep Under The Rug

Basically everyone had a Cabbage Patch Kid growing up. They were hugely popular, so even if you didn't own one, you were at least familiar with them.Cabbage Patch KidsTheir round faces and big eyes were so distinctive from other dolls available at the time. They also had their own little certificates with their name and birthday which meant that each one was unique. However, it turns out that there was a big secret behind one of America's favorite dolls. Cabbage Patch KidsCabbage Patch Kids were created by Xavier Roberts in 1978. He was only 21 when he started developing


Almost 30 Years Later, The 'St Elsewhere' Finale Is Still The Wildest Ending To A TV Show

Before there were shows like Grey's Anatomy or ER, the doctors of St. Elsewhere were there to take care of us. The series was different than a lot of modern doctor shows as it was a lot more of a dark comedy than a soap opera. But it was the ending of the series that seemed to raise a whole lot of controversy. NBCThe show had a surprisingly star-studded cast. Ed Begley Jr, William Daniels, Howie Mandel, Davis Morse, Christina Pickles all starred in all 137 episodes. Another huge actor who was in every episode? Denzel Washington! NBCWashington got his