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The 12 Cartoon Characters We Hated Then and We Still Hate Now

Cinar / Disney

We loved cartoons as kids, but sometimes the characters in them actually got on our nerves. There 12 in particular were some of the most annoying jerks we had the displeasure of watching.



He was a spoiled brat who screamed and cried anytime he didn't get his way.

Scrappy Doo


A character designed to appeal entirely to kids ended up annoying them with his constant trying to fight everything and getting in the way.



Starscream spent half his moments whining to Megatron and the other half plotting to overthrow him. Why did anyone ever keep him around?

Elmyra Duff

Warner Bros.

Yeah she loved animals, but she refused to realize she was torturing them, and that is NOT cool.



This picture really says it all.

D.W. Read


Mean, spiteful, and always complaining, D.W. was the worst.

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Peggy Hill


Constantly incompetent at everything she does and yet always getting upset whenever anybody calls her on it, Peggy Hill was the most annoying character on an otherwise great show.

Team Rocket

The Pokémon Company

Seriously, how many freaking times were we getting invested in the story, only to have it interrupted by these morons? You'd think they'd give up on trying to get ONE Pikachu after hundreds of attempts.



She was supposed to appeal to the kids in the audience, but we pretty much all hated her bright yellow rain jacket and useless powers.

Lucy Van Pelt

United Feature Syndicate

Would you just let Charlie Brown kick the football already?

Arnold's cousin Janet


Arnold's got it tough enough as it is, and then his identical cousin shows up to a class she doesn't go to and makes fun of him all the time? Yeesh.

Randall Weems


He lived to tattle on everybody, and we hated him as much as he loved it.

Which one of these characters annoyed you the most?