10 Times That 'Recess' Described Our Childhoods Perfectly

Recess was one of the greatest kid's shows to ever grace the television after school and on Saturday mornings. It may have been wildly exaggerated, but it was still more than a little relatable for all of us. It taught us more about life than we realized, and looking back, it did help shape my childhood. 1. Teacher's Lounge Every one of us always wondered what went on behind the door of the teacher's lounge. It was a somewhat mystical place, where we assumed that they sat there and smoked cigarettes, drank bourbon, and relaxed. In reality, they more likely


12 Times Miss Grotke Proved She Was The Wokest Teacher Of The 90s

You could make a pretty solid case for Recess being the best cartoon of the 90s. It was funny, intelligent, and with characters like Miss Grotke, it was woke. I think most of Miss Grotke's wise words and quips went over our heads as kids, or at least they did for me. But looking back, she's one of the most aware and feminist characters we were exposed to...and that's a wonderful thing. These are some of Miss Grotke's best moments. 1. When she ignored societal demands to shave her legs. Disney2. When she taught her students that we are


7 Facts You Didn't Know About 'Recess' That Will Make You Say "Scandalous"

Recess is one of the best cartoons that has ever been made. Sure, it was fun for kids to watch, but there was actually a lot more going on in this little cartoon than anyone actually noticed. ABCThe show started back in 1997 and quickly it became one of the most important shows for us to watch. There was just something about these outcasts trying to fit into their school that felt very real. The characters all felt so familiar to us, and we could relate to at least one of them. ABCWhether you were more like the leader of


13 Of The Most Important Games You Absolutely Played During Recess

There was no time more sacred than recess. I mean, it was so important they made a TV called Recess. But it wasn't just that we wanted a break from all those long division problems and spelling tests, we had important things to do!We all treasured recess as kids but what made it so special? The games obviously! We had to find ways to keep busy before cellphones were a thing! Whether it was using the play structures, jumping rope, or playing tag, there are so many games we played at recess that almost make you wish you could