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15 Photos Of '90s Bedrooms That Will Make You Miss Your Childhood Room


Most teenage bedrooms were messy and filled with mediocre trophies, posters, and toys. That being said, we all had our own idiosyncrasies.

Our bedrooms were our comfort zones and safe havens where we came of age. These precious spaces tell a story of how we perceived ourselves and the world.

Here are 15 photos of real and fictional '90s teenage bedrooms that will take you on a trip down memory lane.

1. Most of you fashionistas from the '90s can relate to Cher Horowitz's bedroom. It was basically a complete mess.

2. Clutter. Clutter. Clutter.

It was all that clutter that hinted at your brilliant mind. Right?

3. Everything had its place. There was a reason something made it to the floor.

4. Full House featured some of our dream bedrooms, but if you grew up with a sister, your bedroom probably looked something like this (but more messy).

5. Our walls were littered with actual litter.

6. This bedroom will resonate with all you animal lovers out there.

If your room looked something like what it does in the picture below, the smell of it is probably still lingering in your nose.

7. Kat's bedroom in 10 Things I Hate About You was what most '90s bedrooms looked, or strived to, look like.

8. This thrift store chic-style bedroom was loved by those who already felt like an old soul before the turn of the century.  

9. All your pop emo crushes had to be at arms length from you when you were sleeping. Am I right?

10. Most girls who had their own room owned a lava lamp, a bed canopy, a wooden drawer, and a long mirror.

Let's not forget that head full of imagination.

11. Bunk beds always meant for the best and worst of times.

12. Rooms that had a hipster, laissez-faire ambiance were the best.

13. Those four pink walls filled with all your favorite people (and all the people you hoped you'd meet at some point in your life) were all that truly mattered.  

14. If you had a pink telephone, a small TV, AND an blow-up chair, your life was the meaning of perfection.

15. Some of us thought outside the box.

Which '90s bedroom resembled yours the most?

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