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6 Facts About "Teen Wolf" That Will Leave You Howling


Who else was stalking a full-moon when this low-budget cult classic hit the big screens?

This comedy-drama gave us the typical story of a young boy just trying to make his way through high school. A guy is ignored by his crush, he can't play basketball well, he has hair growing from weird places on his body, you, know average stuff. Oh, and he's a werewolf.

Michael J. Fox absolutely nailed this performance that had us rolling on the ground from laughter, and yet also taught us some pretty rad life lessons. Just not from Coach Finstock.

Here are some hair-raising behind-the-scenes facts about Teen Wolf!

"An Explanation Is Long Overdue..."

Fox signed director Rod Daniels because he was the only one who understood that the movie was about a boys relationship with his father and growing up, instead of just a "fantasy flick."

Raunchy Rhonda

Some audience members may have recognized the starlet from a different sort of role. Lynda Wiesmeier was actually Playboy's "Playmate of the Month" in July 1982!

"These waves are mine!"

Based on a seriously dangerous hobby that the writers had when they were kids, Fox actually got up onto the van to film the "urban surfing" scene. Luckily, he had a wire attached.

Keep reading as we "expose" some more tidbits from this 80s classic!

Fox Can't Dunk

In order to prep for his role, Fox was given a full two-week crash course on basketball fundamentals, but even then he couldn't play to save his life.

Instead they used sophomore basketball player Jeff Glosser as a body double, who also had to wear the makeup for up to 12 hours a day!

The Extra's Member

See that person in red at the top of the screen? If you didn't notice them the first time you watched, you sure as heck will now!

While many assumed it was some guy who flashed his privates to the camera, it appears it was actually a woman, and she was in fact wearing underwear!

"Never Say Die"

Since Teen Wolf was meant to be a budget film, the producers were worried that the movie would tank if it just didn't click. On the opening day, they went to a screening, where only 4 people showed up.

Disheartened, they went to another theater in a "college town", where they found it absolutely sold out!

A lot of movie from the 80s haven't held up to the test of time, but with it's nostalgic themes and side-splitting humor, Teen Wolf is bound to stay a veritable classic.