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Be A Good Neighbor, Tune In To Watch Mr. Rogers One Last Time

What a beautiful day in the neighborhood! If you are looking for a new neighbor, then get ready because every single episode of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood will be available online starting at May 15th at 12pm PST. But why is this glorious treat being given to us? What have we done to deserve such a majestic experience?

It's actually a fundraiser! They are airing all of the episodes online as a way to raise money for PBS. PBS has given us so much over the years and now it's your turn to give back! They have 886 episodes to go through, including episodes that may have only aired once before. Each and every one will be played in order for FREE.

There is even a chance to win a Twitch Cardigan that looks just like Mister Rogers' famous sweater! There are 100 to win so if you are interested in that check out the contest page for more details.

You'll get to watch Mister Rogers through time and relive all of your favorite childhood memories. It's all thanks to PBS, the Fred Rogers Company and the people at Twitch, so make sure you tune in for all this wonderful nostalgia, and if you can donate to keep PBS running for future generations to enjoy.

Head over to the site now and get ready to enjoy hours and hours of a neighborly day in this beautywood!

Whether we are watching Mister Rogers defend PBS, or learning some fascinating bits of trivia about him, he will always be one of the best parts of our childhood. Share if you will be watching!