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Forget Reboots, All Of Nickelodeon's Classics Are Coming To A Computer Near You


You know how everything and anything is being rebooted these days? Whether it's Roseanne, Alf, or even Frasier, a lot of us are getting really fed up with the attempts at bringing back our old favorites.

Why are we so upset about it? Well, these shows were perfect to begin with, so why bother remake them? I would rather just watch all my favorite episodes again and again, I don't need new stories.

If I wanted new stories I would watch something completely new and original, so just bring back the classics and let me live my nostalgia-based life.

Clarissa Explains It All

But now, finally, after all of us begging for years, someone is finally listening. One of the biggest companies responsible for all of our favorite shows has finally heard our pleas and is giving us exactly what we want!

The original episodes of all your favorites Nickelodeon cartoons from your childhood are coming to a new streaming service called NickSplat!

Are you afraid of the dark

The on-demand streaming channel will allow you to watch shows like All That, Are You Afraid Of The Dark?, Clarissa Explains It All, Legends of the Hidden Temple and more.

It's got a list of almost 30 that will be available, and the best part is, if your favorite isn't on there you don't have to worry because they are planning to add more as time goes on.

Now, it does cost a small fee to be able to watch all those childhood classics, but like most streaming services it's really not that expensive.

Lengends of the hidden temple

You can subscribe to NickSplat for only $5.99 per month, or if you already are subscribed to VRV Premium then good news for you, it's included in your $9.99 per month fee!

I don't know about you, but I am very excited to watch AAHHH Real Monsters! again. It was always my favorite when I was growing up, but there is so much to choose from.

Source - Entertainment Weekly / VRV

Which Nickelodeon show are you most excited to watch again?