7 Things That Prove Hilary Duff Escaped The Insanity That is Child Stardom Unscathed

Could Hilary Duff be the only Disney star that hasn't gone totally crazy? Miley, Raven, Lindsay, they've all a little bit lost their minds. Not Hilary Duff, though. Since her Lizzie McGuire Days, she's stayed grounded and humble. Disney ChannelFrom Lizzie McGuire:Disney ChannelTo A Cinderella Story:BustleTo her current show Younger:PeopleDuff has proven time and time again that she is a rare breed: a successful child-star-turned adult. These are just some of the reasons why she's our favorite...1. She's a great mom. In 2010, Duff married NHL star Mike Comrie, and two years later they welcomed a


All 90s Kids Will Remember These 12 Iconic Lizzie McGuire Moments

Lizzie McGuire was a staple for any 90s child. It may not have aired then, but if you were born in the 90s, then you absolutely grew up watching Lizzie and her BFFs navigate the trials and tribulations of middle school. Hilary Duff was our style icon, and now she's 29 years old which makes US feel old. But in honor of her birthday, we wanted to look back at some of our favorite Lizzie moments. Here they are, in no particular order. Because frankly, any Lizzie McGuire moment was iconic and not to be forgotten. This list could probably


21 Celebs From Your Childhood: Then and Now

Everyone had their childhood celeb crush. How could you not? They strategically picked the cutest kids for that reason.But where did they all end up? Child stars are notorious for heading down bad paths. The money, the fame, they have access to everything they want. Get reacquainted with some of our favorite child stars from the past. Did yours make the list? 1. Jenna von Oy, as Six Lemure on "Blossom"Jenna, now 39, is married with one daughter. Her most recent role was a film called "Lukewarm" in 2012. She also starred in the "Moesha" spin-off, "The Parkers.