35 Things That Made Your 90s Childhood Better Than Any Other Generation

The 90s catch a lot of flack. It was like we got stuck in the 80s for a few extra years before progress actually started being made. As "bad" as they were, there were some high points for all the kids that grew up during the decade (myself included). Here are some of the best memories all 90s kids will remember. 1. Breaking your own personal record on your Skip It. Guff2. Learning all of life's important lessons from the Berenstein Bears books.Red Shutters3. Getting the new Now! CD for your birthday or Christmas. Amazon4. Watching Disney's original movies.


10 All-Too-Real Struggles Kids Today Will Never Have To Go Through

I realize that kids today think they have things really hard, but that could not be further from the truth. You don't get to have smartphones and Google and complain about a hard life. Know what's a hard life? Encyclopedias.These are some things kids today will never have to experience, and it's probably for the best. 1. Passing NotesStop Me If You've Heard This OneThe folding, the risk taking, and the intricate details you included in your doodles. Passing notes was the coolest thing you could do. And if you didn't get one, you felt left out.


15 Things You Haven't Thought About Since You Were A Kid

There's a lot to think about these days. Now that we are all "grown up" we have to act like adults and spend most of our time thinking about all of the things we are responsible for. It's not the same as it used to be, when we could just waste our days away doing whatever kids do best. GiphyBecause our brains are so busy with work and family life, we often forget about all the stuff from our childhood. But that's where the internet comes in! It's always there to show us little artifacts that bring back all the


Which of These 90s Collectibles Was Your Addiction?

It was never easy to keep up with what was cool when you were a kid, because as soon as you figured it out it would change. There were so many options and they all came out so fast it was impossible to keep track. Whether it was the latest McDonald's toy, the newest cards to collect, or a new doll, keeping up with the trends was exhausting. How many do you you remember collecting? 1. Puppy In My Pocket were a cheap (and useless) collectible we all had2. Furby was everywhere3. Anything with aliens on it was a must4.


10 Movie Moments That Absolutely Destroyed You As A Child

When you are young, you don't really understand that movies are just fun and pretend, sometimes they feel very real. This is why some movies stand out as being a little bit traumatic, whether it's because they were scary or even just horribly sad. There are a few moments that will stick with you forever and probably can still make you cry. If you think you can keep those feelings inside, you are wrong. Here are the top 10 moments that have likely scarred you for life and will absolute make you cry as much as you did when you


15 Things From Your Childhood Kids Today Won't Believe

The differences between our childhoods and those of kids today are mind-blowing. We grew up on the fence of both generations. A lot of us would prefer to use technology today, but we still understand the importance of playing outside or turning the phones off for a night. The generations after us have it pretty easy, to be honest. We paved the way for some truly useful inventions. Scroll through this list of things from your childhood and try to imagine kids today doing them! Odds are they would need a hand. 1. Going to Blockbuster and picking out ONE


Bet You Totally Forgot These Hollywood Stars Were In "Are You Afraid Of The Dark"

It was the most haunting show of our childhood. "Are You Afraid Of The Dark?" gave us bone-chilling stories that could legit happen in our lives. And on a school night, no less. The cast was made up of a group of friends, The Midnight Society, who would gather around a campfire and submit scary stories for approval. #SquadGoals for real. But the scariest part of this show was just how many A-List (okay maybe some B-List) celebrities were on it. These people sure have come a long way from their Midnight Society Days.Daniel DeSantosDeSantos played Tucker, Ross' annoying