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10 Things That Were Basically Life Or Death For Us As Kids

The things you worry about today are nowhere close to what you worried about when you were a kid. Nowadays your mind is preoccupied with paying your bills on time, filing your taxes, taking care of the rest of your family, etc.

Here are 10 things that were super-duper important to you when you were growing up. Some of these you may have considered to be "life-or-death"!

10. Not messing up the Scholastic Book Fair sheet.

9. How you looked on picture day.

8. Knowing all the words to the popular song at the time.

7. Not choking on your own spit when talking to your crush.

6. Logging on MSN right after school. I seriously mean it... right after.

5. And also not missing your favorite after school show.

Jane or John Doe had limited talking time after school because you had an appointment with your couch.

4. Showing off all the cool things you own.

3. When your parents didn't get you the Christmas present you had hoped for.

2. The 1st Edition Holo Charizard Pokemon card. Mewtwo was a collector's item as well.

Pokemon Trading Cards

1. Everyone must like you (or at least pretend to).

These were just a few things that many children, especially back in the '90s and early '00s, found to be important. Let us know in the comments what was the most important thing to you when you were a kid!