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Stop What You're Doing: Golden Girls Action Figures Finally Exist!

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It's wasn't Batman or Superman that were stealing the stage this year at New York Comic Con, it was everyone's favorite over-50 foursome. The toy company Funko gave attendees at the New York Comic Con the first crack at owning the action figures, you never knew you wanted.

Rose, Dorothy, Blanche and Sophia can be part of you toy collection now, with these Funko ReAction mini-figure set. Whether you want to set up the characters around the kitchen table or have them relaxing in the living room, you can re-enact your favorite scenes from the show.

If you didn't make it to New York Comic Con, they were also exclusive to Target, who is currently sold out. These sets, which originally sold for $25 are now popping up on eBay starting at around $150 though.

Funko sells other Golden Girls dolls but this sought after set was a limited edition run.

Golden Girls have definitely reached cult status over the years, with the last episode airing over two decades ago.