We Know Which Spice Girl You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Everything changed in 1994 when the Spice Girls burst into the pop music scene. The badass British girl group had boys everywhere crushing on them, and girls wanting to be like them. No one was immune to Spicemania, and even today, we're still a little obsessed with them.

We loved every single one of the Spice Girls, and it was hard to pick a favorite, but at the end of the day, we each had one girl that we identified with the most. Mine was Scary Spice a.k.a Mel B, because she was just as eccentric and confident as I was as a preteen.


However, as I got older, I started to realize that my preferences have changed and I may actually relate more to one of the other Spice Girls than I thought. Admit it, the same thing happened to you too. But that's nothing a little bit of astrology can't fix.

Let's find out which Spice Girl you are based on your Zodiac sign:

Baby Spice - Taurus, Gemini & Cancer

As the name suggests, Baby Spice was the youngest of the group, and this was evident through her playfulness, optimism, and innocence. These personality traits make her relatable to those born under signs like Taurus, Gemini and Cancer. Just like Baby Spice, Tauruses are very laid-back, go with the flow type of individuals. While Geminis, despite their split personalities, are often fun-loving and sociable, traits which have been embodied by the blonde Spice Girl. As for Cancers, they're deeply sentimental, emotional and gentle-natured, and like Baby Spice, they see the positive in every situation. This infectious attitude will make you feel better even on your worst days.

Ginger Spice - Leo & Aries

Both Leo and Aries are very strong signs and that is how people born under these signs view themselves. Just like Ginger Spice, Leo and Aries are the signs of natural-born leaders with larger than life personalities. They're competitive, energetic and just as fierce as Geri Halliwell's Ginger Spice.

Leos can relate to the red-headed Spice Girl due to their ability to take control of any given situation and problem-solve (it's no wonder the group fell apart after Ginger's departure), while Aries people can see their assertiveness and loudness reflected in Ginger Spice.

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Posh Spice - Libra & Virgo

As long as her mini-dress and blunt bob were on point, Posh Spice did not have any other care in the world, but that doesn't mean she did not have other interesting aspects of her personality. Yes, like most Libras, she was snobbier than the rest of the girls, but that's only because she enjoyed the finer things in life. Her sophistication and stubbornness, especially when it comes to change (remember she completed a military drill in a dress, while everyone else wore uniforms), is something Libras can relate to.

Virgos see themselves in Victoria Beckham's Posh because they seek perfection in everything they do, just like the Spice Girl. They tend to maintain a tough exterior, which makes them seem a little distant, but the reality is that they're just shy and soft-spoken, and will only contribute if they have something to say.

Scary Spice - Sagittarius, Scorpio & Pisces


Even if we couldn't relate to Mel B as Scary Spice, a small part of us wished we were her. She was arguably the most fun, confident and energetic of the bunch, and she showed this side of her personality with the coolest, most eccentric outfits and hairstyles. Scary Spice's fiery personality is most like those born under Sagittarius, Scorpio, and Pisces.

Just like Scary Spice, these individuals aren't afraid to step out of their comfort zones and take risks, especially if it helps them express themselves better. It may take a little longer for Pisces, but once you get them going, they can't be tamed.

Sporty Spice - Capricorn & Aquarius

Those born under Aquarius are known to be overthinkers and overanalyzers. They're often too caught up in their own thoughts that they don't have the time to care about what other people think of them or the way they look, just like Sporty Spice. The total opposite of Posh, Sporty doesn't care if her track pants are unbuttoned on the side or if a hair is out of place because she values comfort more than anything else. Like Mel C's Sporty, Aquarius people have a rebellious side, which means they won't conform to the norm.

As for Capricorns, they can relate to Sporty's street savviness, ambition, determination, and her ability to power through physical challenges. Like Sporty Spice, Capricorns are also stubborn and hate being told what to do. Contrary to popular belief, Capricorns can be emotional, but they just guard themselves with a hard exterior to protect their feelings from being hurt.

Which Spice Girl did you get? Let us know in the comments!