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7 Things That Happened At Every Sleepover That Had Nothing To Do With Sleeping

Growing up, there was nothing better than a slumber party. You got to eat all the best snacks, watch all the best movies, and stay up all night long with your very best friends. There were a lot of hours to fill at these slumber parties, so we needed a lot of games to keep us busy. Sure, they drove our parents nuts, but we had more important things to do!


Did we get told to quiet down? Of course, at least ten times! Did it stop us at all? Not in the least. Our parents always wondered what we were doing, but they just wouldn't understand. These were the games we always played while locked in our bedrooms.

1. Truth or Dare

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You would either have to tell everyone who your crush was or go run and steal something from your friend's older sibling's room. Either way, it was always way too loud for our parents and they would try to make us stop.

2. M.A.S.H.

Were you going to live in a mansion, apartment, shack or a house? How many kids would you have? Who were you going to marry? All these questions and more could be answered with the most fun game from the slumber party era.

3. Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board

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Nothing made us feel more powerful than lifting our friends using only two fingers. Did it ever work for anyone? I don't know that we did it right...

But that's not the only way we pretended we were witches...

4. Ouija

Communicating with the dead spirits through a small wooden board and a little planchette. Honestly, even if you didn't believe in the board, the second the planchette moved without you pushing it you got a little freaked out. Even if you quickly realized it was your friend.

5. Cootie Catchers

It didn't really matter what you put on the inside panels, because half of the fun was just making them.

6. Bloody Mary

If we felt like we wanted to be brave, we would go into the bathroom with the lights off and say "Bloody Mary" into the mirror three times. Legend has it that she will appear in front of you, but honestly why did we want that to happen?

7. Makeovers

Nothing was more fun then trying on all your friends makeup and using all their hair appliances! Usually someone would bring one of those crimpers or the machines that would twist your hair and we would all look we tripped and fell on a Sephora counter.

Don't you miss having sleepovers?