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Six Weird Things That We All Did As Kids Without Realizing

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When we were young, we didn't have the ability to lose ourselves on the internet as kids do today. We had to come up with things to keep our minds occupied, and if we're being totally honest, some if it was just a little bit weird.

But don't worry! You weren't alone in your quirks. We all needed some distractions from time to time, and the more we think about our childhoods, the more it just seems to be filled with peculiar games and tricks we used to keep busy!

Oh well! If you can relate to any of these, it means they weren't as strange as you thought!

Becoming a part-time magician every time you did this

We all remember learning this from our friend in math class. After that, we used it blow everyone's mind until long after high school!

Talking into a fan so you could pretend to be a robot

Wwwwhhhhyy wwwaaaasssss thhiiiiisssss ssssooo muuuuch fuuuuuuuunn?

Seeing just how far you could click the lead out and still write

Because there was that one time you got it like, reeaallly far out and managed to still write "Waste of time". You just need someone to see it this time!

This was a fun thing a lot of us learnt at Sunday school!

Shadow puppets were one thing, but if you knew the entirety of this hand sequence then people would crowd around you at recess just to see you perform!

OMG how did we think this was remotely cool?

But sure enough, we did this. It was so funny to look at years later, but at the time the rounded tops just seemed, I don't know, trendy? I'm glad this died off eventually...

I always wanted to know how to do this growing up!

Sheer magic. It had to be some sort of spell that let students do this. I know I practiced it during class and every day after school for a while just to perfect it. Alas, it seems some things are for the more coordinated.

Do you recognize any of these? Share and see who else remembers!