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Nintendo Has Announced The SNES Classic Edition And We Need It

The Super Nintendo is one of the most beloved video game consoles of all time. Originally released in August 1991, the system went on to sell nearly 50 million units worldwide and featured a game library we love to this day.


While Nintendo seemingly has a genuine hit on their hands right now with the Switch, they've also had a lot of success with re-releasing their most beloved consoles in new versions.


The NES Classic Edition sold nearly 3 million units worldwide despite only being in production for around 6 months. It seemed obvious that Nintendo would try to bank on a console that sold even better in its original form than the NES did.

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Well, turns out they felt the same way! Nintendo have officially announced the Super Nintendo Classic Edition, which is due out September 29th. It will retail for $80, and like the NES Classic, it features a library of built-in games (21 versus the NES Classic's 30), and an HDMI connection so you can connect it to a modern TV.


Nintendo also seems to have learned from some of the mistakes they made with the NES Classic. The NES launched with only one controller, and extras were notoriously hard to find aside from its launch. The SNES Classic improves on this and comes with two controllers from the get-go, meaning you can get your friends over for some classic gaming fun times right out of the box.


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The system comes with some of our longtime favorites, like Super Mario World.


And The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.


It even has some beloved, rare favorites, like Final Fantasy III.


And even Secret of Mana!


What's most exciting of all though, especially for retro gaming fans, is that the system will include Star Fox 2, a game that was never actually released!


That's right! The game was fully completed and ready to ship, but Nintendo ultimately canceled it in favor of focusing their attention on the upcoming Nintendo 64. Looks like they've finally had a change of heart though, as it's getting an official release on the SNES Classic.


The rest of the 21 game list, along with more details on the system itself, can be found on Nintendo's website. We're personally hoping the system is produced in bigger quantities than the NES Classic, which was notoriously hard to find even months after launch.

Are you excited?!

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