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Your Xbox One Will Soon Play All The Retro Xbox Games You Love

Being able to play older games on newer game systems has been something of a touchy subject for the video game industry in recent years. Nintendo has taken some time to detail out how they'll offer up retro games on the Switch, and a Sony executive recently commented that he doesn't understand why people would want to play games that looks "ancient."

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Microsoft, on the other hand, seem to have been the ones to do the biggest about-face on the subject. While the former president of their Xbox division commented at the launch of the Xbox One that "gamers don't want backwards compatibility," the company seems to have had a change of heart in recent years.


In 2015, the company revealed that they'd be steadily adding backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 games to the console, and they've kept to that promise. There are now nearly 400 Xbox 360 games available on the Xbox One, and the number has only continued to get larger.

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Well, at their E3 press conference on the 11th, Xbox announced that they're sweetening the retro gaming deal. Starting in the near future. original Xbox games will be added to the backwards compatibility list, beginning with 2003's fan-favorite Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge!


Taking to his Twitter account after the show, Xbox marketing executive Albert Penello further elaborated on the announcement, stating that "For Xbox Originals: Your original Xbox discs will work. Digital licenses will carry over. AND you can system-link play across all three generations."

While it would have been nice to open the service with a bigger list of games, this is still a very exciting announcement. Xbox's commitment to backwards compatibility for 360 games has been genuinely impressive, and there's been no reason to doubt that their dedication to bringing back the originals as well. So essentially, the Xbox One is soon going to be three consoles in one, and we couldn't be happier about it.

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What games are you all looking forward to playing again? Halo? Mechassault? Jet Set Radio Future? Personally, I'm really hoping they bring back Phantom Crash.

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