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10 Most Romantic Things Guys Did That Only Women Over 25 Remember

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Perhaps one of the biggest questions for women to this day is this: Is chivalry dead? We don't intend to get into this polarizing debate, but when it came to romance, guys just seemed to do it better back then.

Here are 10 most romantic things guys did that only women over 25 remember.

1. Falling in love at first sight, and having the courage to walk up to your significant other.

It's not that falling in love at first sight doesn't happen anymore, it's that girls and guys will go online and search their crush's entire internet history just to get to know them better. That doesn't sound romantic at all.

2. When guys got creative trying to win you back.

The movies were literally our lives. Instead of sending you a romantic GIF, guys were acting out those romances in real life. That probably happened because they had role models like Heath Ledger.

3. They didn't give up that easily.

There were no breakups texts and Tinder. There was much more value in a relationship than one night stands and instant hookups. Like all things that matter, you have to try really hard to get there.

4. It was all or nothing.

That mentality was all that mattered. Hearing our significant other say things like that made our legs feel like jello.

5. Anonymous love notes (aka love essays).

These simple messages were handcrafted with love. Nothing says "I love you" more than thought and effort.

6. The magic of a corded telephone.

If you didn't spend hours twirling the cord around your finger, did you even fall in love?

7. An endless stream of flowers.

You know, just because. We didn't even care if they brought us a bouquet of house plants. To know that they were thinking about us was good enough.

8. Standing outside with a boombox.

If this didn't happen to you personally, you definitely know of someone who had it happen to them. Therefore, you know how romantic this is. Do they even sell boomboxes nowadays?

9. Making you a mixtape.

Picking out that special mixtape made for you and popping it into your cassette or CD player was such a special moment. They say music is the language of the soul for a reason.  

10. Drive-in movie theaters.

Wrapped up in a blanket with your significant other watching a movie at a drive-in movie theater beats this whole Netflix and chill craze happening these days.

What was the most romantic thing your significant other did for you back in the day?