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The Robin Williams Documentary Trailer Was Released And It Has Everyone Emotional

Robin Williams is one of the world's favorite actors. His brain seemed to run on another function that the rest of us could never access. His clever wit and endless array of impressions helped make him an icon that will never be forgotten.

A new documentary about the actor just released its first trailer and it's absolutely going to make you emotional.

The movie is called Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind and it was actually made before Williams's death in 2014. He made it himself, and looked at his life, career, and his inspirations that helped make him who he was.

He interviewed a lot of his friends including Billy Crystal, Eric Idle, Whoopi Goldberg, Steve Martin, and David Letterman, along with many others. They all shared their thoughts on Williams and his life.

"Stand-up is survival," Williams says in the trailer. "For me, that's jazz - that's what I have to do."

The clips they show in the trailer instantly bring back dozens of memories of his comedic genius, but the things the people say in the interviews paint a different story.

"He was really comfortable on stage," Steve Martin says. "Off stage, I just felt like he was holding himself together."

Williams explains that he was always dealing with a fear of abandonment. "It's a primal fear for any child, and it dictates a lot of how you deal with life."

This fear led him to always look for connection, and as Eric Idle says, "It was a need to communicate and be funny."

Williams explains that "every person is driven by some deep, deep, secret" as he goes into explaining the time in his life when he became addicted to drugs.

"It was fear. Sometimes to run away from it all, sometimes to run into it all."

Even Wiliams's son Zachary was a part of the documentary. "My father didn't always feel he was succeeding," he said. "But he's the most successful person I know."

Williams had this way about him that even though he was struggling, he managed to make millions of people around the world feel joy.

Billy Crystal shared one of the lovely messages Williams left him on his phone that just says "It's Robin, I'm giving you love. Bye."

While he may have had a hard time in his life, he was the genius we all looked up to.

"You're only given a little spark of madness. If you lose that, you're nothing."

The documentary will premiere on July 16th on HBO, and I know I will absolutely be tuning in to try and understand more about this legend.

Check out the trailer for yourself:

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Source - Variety