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BSB Member Sneaks Not-So-Subtle Jab At *NSYNC Into His Anniversary Celebration

Instagram - Backstreet Boys

We all know that Backstreet Boys are the best boy band ever, right? I know, *NSYNC is also pretty great, and New Kids On The Block are also pretty alright, but BSB is the best.

Well, it's not just us that know that, it seems as though they know it to. BSB's Brian Littrell recently celebrated his 18th wedding anniversary, and while that doesn't seem like the appropriate time to take a jab at the competition, it didn't seem to stop him.

Littrell has always been known to be a bit of a goofball, so it's no surprise that he found a way to work in the little message to the second-best boy band.

After their romantic anniversary dinner, Littrell posted a photo with his wife, and in the foreground you can see their cake.

The cake has that lovely little message though, did you notice it? "*NSYNC Sucks" right there in bright red letters.

To be fair, you can't really blame him. Chances are he didn't write the message on there himself, but the rivalry has been there forever.

It's not even like it was the band's fault, but the CEO of their music label Lou Pearlman actually formed *NSYNC only two years after creating the Backstreet Boys. He put them up against each other, hoping the feud would drive record sales.

Obviously, both bands had enormous success, but at the time, the members of BSB admitted they felt betrayed.

But time heals all wounds, and they've all become friends. Lance Bass, former member of *NSYNC, revealed they've become closer since *NSYNC broke up.

"I’ve become really good friends with some of the guys, you know, after we stopped making music,” Bass said. “We were allowed to talk after that, I guess.”

So the cake is obviously not a malicious attack, it's still funny to see the continued rivalry still rearing its head after all these years.

It feels like it has been a million years since we all had to choose sides, but it's nice to know they are all friends now!

Source - People / Instagram