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BSB Member Sneaks Not-So-Subtle Jab At *NSYNC Into His Anniversary Celebration

Instagram - Backstreet Boys

We all know that Backstreet Boys are the best boy band ever, right? I know, *NSYNC is also pretty great, and New Kids On The Block are also pretty alright, but BSB is the best.

Well, it's not just us that know that, it seems as though they know it to. BSB's Brian Littrell recently celebrated his 18th wedding anniversary, and while that doesn't seem like the appropriate time to take a jab at the competition, it didn't seem to stop him.

Littrell has always been known to be a bit of a goofball, so it's no surprise that he found a way to work in the little message to the second-best boy band.

After their romantic anniversary dinner, Littrell posted a photo with his wife, and in the foreground you can see their cake.