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11 Facts About Robin Williams That Will Make You Miss Him Even More

Robin Williams is an icon. He has been in so many of the wonderful movies that defined our childhoods. Whether he was playing Peter Pan, a magical genie, or a wonderful nanny, he was absolutely perfect.

Williams passed away in 2014 and left us all a little bit devastated. But luckily, we have his entire body of work to look back on to remember him for the enigma that he was. His life was an interesting adventure, and it's time you got to know more about the man who was such a big part of your life.

Here are 11 interesting facts about Robin Williams.

1. He was voted "Least Likely To Succeed" in his San Francisco High School

2 The first impression he ever did was of his grandmother when he was a child

3. Apparently he was very shy until he joined the drama department

4. He was obsessed with Monty Python's Flying Circus and said that he learned all about comedic timing from that show

5. He used to perform as a mime outside of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and in Central Park in New York City

6. His improvisation skills were already so good in the show Mork & Mindy that the writers would leave gaps in the screenplay for him to ad-lib his own jokes


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7. You might remember his cameo in Friends in the third season, but did you know it was entirely unscripted?


8. Apparently he was only paid $75,000 for his role in Aladdin

Walt Disney Pictures

9. He got upset with Disney using his voice to sell merchandise so they sent him a real Picasso painting worth around a million dollars to make it up to him!

Walt Disney Pictures

10. When filming Mrs. Doubtfire, Robin Williams would shoot scenes between 15-22 times. Williams would do it as scripted 2-3 times, but then improvise the rest to give new options that often times were better than the original

11. When the casting agents asked him to sit down in his audition for Mork & Mindy, he did a head stand. The producers said he was cast because "he was the only alien who auditioned"


He gave us some truly inspirational words to live by

Robin Williams will always be a legend. Even though he is no longer with us, his genius will live on in the movies he gave us and we will always be able to revisit him.

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