Spark Pretty

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Take A Trip Through Time And Visit A Store Tailored For 80s And 90s Kids

Spark Pretty

There's a brand new store that you can go into that will essentially take you back in time! It's called Spark Pretty and it will honestly make any 80s or 90s kid's head explode.

The store is full of everything you would need to relive your childhood; whether you grew up in geometric prints and scrunchies in the 80s, or hyper-color shirts and platform shoes in the 90s.

The business was founded in 2012 by Amanda Dolan, but as of September 2017 it has a new storefront that you should absolute try to go visit in New York. It's like walking into the bedroom of your best friend's cool older sister. There are so many things that you will remember owning or wishing you owned, except the difference is now your mom isn't going to say no!

There are so many cute accessories and items that are impossible to forget, including pins, backpacks and mood rings. There are also so many classic 90s toys on display!

Going into the store is like walking through the doors of the past. The colors are so bright and fun, that it almost makes you feel like you are living inside a Lisa Frank catalog.

You can also shop online if you can't make the trek out to New York, check out some of the awesome things you can get there...

You can rock some colorful shorts

Or a carousel horse jean jacket

How about a psychedelic bodysuit?

But there is no experience quite like heading into the real store, so next time you are in New York should should absolutely head done there and visit them.

Would you want to pick up any of these styles for yourself? Let us know in the comments!