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Pictures Of The Dirty Dancing Remake Are Out And We Don't Know How To Feel About Them

When they first announced the Dirty Dancing remake as a three-hour-long TV movie, I wasn't sure how to react. The cast list has a few winners on it, but overall it feels like Dirty Dancing was a big enough classic that it should be left alone.

Well, now the pictures have started to come out and it doesn't clear up any of my feelings towards it but it does give you a hint at what they are going for.

Several of the cast members including Abigail Breslin, Sarah Hyland, Debra Messing and Cole Prattes have all shared pictures on Instagram so you can try to decide if you are mad they are doing this or excited.

Breslin and Prattes are playing Baby and Johnny, while Hyland is her sister Lisa, and Messing is playing the mom.

How do you feel about this remake?

Here are a few extra pictures to help you judge:

So... What do you think? Excited? Angry? Nervous? Unsure? Let us know in the comments!