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Looks Like "Pet Sematary" Is Back From The Dead, And Really, We Shouldn't Be Surprised

Fans of the classic Stephen King novel, Pet Sematary, can mark their calendars because we finally have a release date for the reboot!

The 1989 movie was based on the 1983 King horror novel. It tells the story of Louis Creed and his wife Rachel who moved their family into a new home. They later learned that their house was built on top of an old Pet Sematary, and the dead animals buried underneath would come back to life.

King started writing the novel in 1979 after his daughter's cat was run over by a car. The area was prone to animal accidents, so the local kids used to bury their pets in a pet cemetery behind the King house.

One day, King's 2-year-old son, Owen, narrowly escaped a run-in with a car on the same road and that sent the author down a dark path.

It looks like the problems that the family faced in the late 80s will also be coming back to life in the newest reboot of the novel.

So when is the movie due to come out?

On the heels of the success of IT, another King novel that was rebooted this year, studios are hoping to have the same success with another one of King's famous works.

Paramount has set dates for the reboot of Stephen King's Pet Sematary for April 19, 2019. That is over the Easter weekend, which may seem like a strange time to push out the movie, but no doubt people will flock to theaters to see it.

Set to be directed by Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer, this adaptation of the classic will hopefully live up to our expectations. The duo are known for their 2014 indie-thriller Starry Eyes, as well as their TV work, which includes directing several episodes of MTV's Scream series.

Paramount had previously released the R-rated version of the King novel in 1989, which ultimately grossed $57.5 million at the time.

It looks like 2019 will be a good year for movies! Will you be going to see the reboot of Pet Sematary?

Source: Deadline / Comicbook / Inverse