Another Iconic Video Game Is Getting A "Mega" Live-Action Movie

When you were growing up, the library of video games was nowhere near as extensive as it is now. There were obviously a lot of good choices, but compared to the variety now, it was such a small percentage. Clearly it was because video games were still new when we were all young, but what we lacked in quantity, we made up for in devotion. Sure, there weren't new games every day that we could play on our phones, or elaborate and large games with graphics that end up looking so realistic it's creepy, but we did have characters that


We've Still Got Some Big Questions For Inspector Gadget Even After All These Years

Truth be told, I loved Inspector Gadget. The show was one of my all-time favorites when I was a kid, and the theme song still pops into my head from time to time. But just because I loved it, doesn't mean that I don't think it had some issues. I do, however, have some questions for Mr. Gadget, ones that still confuse me to this day. (And yes, I know it's a cartoon and it's best to not examine it too closely, but just for fun, let's do it anyways.) How did Gadget actually get his job? If he's a


The First Look At The New Live-Action 'Aladdin' Is Here, Do You Think It's A Diamond In The Rough?

We've been waiting for what feels like ten thousand years, and it's given us such a crick in the neck, but now we've finally gotten our first look at the new live-action remake of Aladdin. The problem is, it's just the smallest little taste, barely enough to know how to feel about this whole new world. We obviously all know the story of Aladdin, right? It's possible that it is the best Disney movie of all time. Sure, there are some other great ones, and honestly it's totally impossible to pick a favorite, but everyone loves Aladdin. The story of


Eric Idle Opens Up About The Bittersweet Success Of The Song He Wrote As A Joke

Monty Python is one of those things that we've all watched. Whether it was the movies or the TV show, we've all seen at least one skit that the iconic comedians have done. Their show, Monty Python's Flying Circus introduced us to all the comedians who would go on to become part of each and every one of our childhoods. Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones, Michael Palin, and of course, Eric Idle, were hilariously outrageous in their sketches, creating hilarious moments unlike anything else we had all seen. While a lot of us were too young to


A Trailer For The 'Pet Sematary' Remake Is Here And It Will Definitely Creep You Out

Stephen King is definitely one of the most iconic writers of all time. His ability to write stories that creep us out to our very core is honestly unparalleled. From Carrie to It, King has been freaking us all out for decades now, and finally one of his most famous stories is getting remade and the trailer has us all shaking in our boots. Pet Sematary was written in 1983, and was turned into a movie in 1989. The movie was released to mixed reviews, but it's one of those horror movies that while it may not be considered very


15 Things We'd Get On Halloween That Were The Worst Part Of Trick-Or-Treating

Halloween is a privilege that kids are mostly taking for granted. You get to dress up in ridiculous costumes, and when you're young, you get to walk around and get free snacks from everyone in your neighborhood. You can't really go trick-or-treating when you're an adult, but at least now we can buy our own candy supplies. Sure, it's not as satisfying as getting it for free, but at least we get our sugar fix. There is, however, one benefit to having to buy candy yourself instead of running around town asking strangers for it. Instead of being given a


John Goodman Reveals What It's Been Like To Film 'The Conners' Without Roseanne Barr

We are only a few days away from the premiere of The Conners, which means that the cast promotions are in full swing. But I think it's safe to say that the person most people are interested to hear from is none other than John Goodman. Goodman's role as Dan Conner is one of the most iconic on television. He's one of those TV dads you wish you could spend time with, and we are all curious to see how his world will change with his on-screen wife leaving. He has already gotten into some issues over the new show


'Boy Meets World' Cast Celebrates 25th Anniversary With Behind-The-Scenes Secrets

Boy Meets World is one of those shows that manages to remain relevant even though it first started airing 25 years ago.Sure, the world is completely different now, but the fact of the matter is that the Matthews family is one of the best no matter what. Our childhoods wouldn't be the same without keeping up with Corey, who along with his best friend Shawn, his girlfriend Topanga, and his brother Eric, managed to become icons to all of us awkward kids in the 90s. The show is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, in honor of that, the


Toys 'R' Us Is Coming Back With A New Name, But Not Everyone Is Happy About It

Last week we learned that the lenders responsible for Toys 'R' Us had canceled their bankruptcy auction, meaning that they were planning on attempting a comeback. And already the company has revealed their new plans, but not everyone is happy about it. The Toys 'R' Us branding, including the name and mascots, were retained by the lenders. While the company couldn't make it work, the investors think they've figured out a way to make more money, and it involves bringing back the iconic giraffe. Geoffrey the Giraffe has been the Toys 'R' Us mascot for a long time, but now

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Busy Philipps Says James Franco Assaulted Her On The Set Of 'Freaks And Geeks'

The show Freaks and Geeks was the launching point for a lot of Hollywood's biggest stars. That's where we were first introduced to people like Seth Rogen, Jason Segal, and Linda Cardellini. While the series only lasted one season, it managed to be the stepping stone a lot of successful actors needed to get noticed. One of the stars of that show has gone on to have remarkably successful career, but apparently her time on set wasn't as magical as it may have seemed.Busy Philipps played the rebellious and often misunderstood Kim Kelly. She was a new friend of