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Oh Mylanta! New Kids On The Block Will Be In Season 2 Of Fuller House

The Netflix-produced return of the Tanners has admittedly been pretty contentious (not that it stopped us from binge watching it). Reviews for the first season of Fuller House could be kindly described as "disappointing." However, back in March when Netflix confirmed there would be a second season, many people were hopeful that the show could turn itself around and be the triumphant return that we wanted, rather than just a blatant rehash of the show we grew up loving.


Now we may have a reason to get excited.. Back in April John Stamos teased that the in the new season "there are a few guest stars that could be surprises for everybody." While we're still hoping (and praying) that the Olsens will reprise their shared role of Michelle Tanner, it was revealed last night that at least one episode will feature none other than the original kings of boy bands New Kids On The Block. Have mercy!


           Instagram photo by Jordan Knight • Aug 18, 2016 at 7:57pm UTC


And it looks like the cast is more than ready to have them in the show.

We don't know yet what NKOTB's appearance will entail, but we do know that Jordan Knight already has his own dressing room.


           Instagram photo by Jordan Knight • Aug 18, 2016 at 5:39pm UTC


This isn't the first time that the Full House revival has expressed its love for the band. Remember this moment from Fuller House's first season?

Hopefully the new season of Fuller House will bring us a whole lot more 80s/90s throwbacks, especially now that the sci-fi upstart Stranger Things has raised the bar for being packed with nostalgic references. Alan Thicke will apparently also be making a cameo appearance at some point, and it sounds like D.J.'s Full House boyfriend Viper (David Lipper) may also be making a comeback. There's no official word yet on when season 2 of Fuller House will be released, but knowing Netflix it'll likely be sometime in early 2017. In the meantime we'll just have to keep "hangin' tough."