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No One Seems To Remember This Classic Gem From The 90s, Do You?

Disney may have taken over most of the cartoon real estate in the 90s, but there are a few hidden gems that weren't made by good ol' Walt and they deserve just as much love. One of the best cartoons to come out of the 90s was made by Warner Brothers (home of The Animaniacs) and was called Cat's Don't Dance. If you have seen this movie, you know that when I say it is absolute perfection, I am not lying. If you haven't, prepare yourself to meet your new favorite movie.

Cat's Don't Dance is the amazing story of what happens when you follow your dreams. It starts off with a cat named Danny with the voice of Scott Bakula leaving his small town to go to Hollywood. He wants to be a star and hopes to play big roles in all the movies, but when he arrives he learns that it's not going to be easy.

The agency he signs up with only wants him to be a cat, which in Hollywood means saying nothing but "meow". The town is run by one tiny little star named Darla Dimple. Darla is kind of like an evil Shirley Temple, a child star who is known for her curly hair and adorable face, but instead of being a sweet kid she is secretly horrible and hateful.

Her two part song in the movie is probably one of the best cartoon songs ever.

Also her henchman Max is this psychotic character that may just haunt your dreams for all time but it's okay because he is hilarious.

Danny makes a few friends on his path to stardom, most importantly Sawyer. She is another cat who wanted to be a star but she gave up her dreams and has become very cynical (but still amazing). There is also Tillie the Hippo, Woolie the Elephant, a fish named Frances a goat named Cranston and of course Danny's best bud in Hollywood, Pudge the Penguin.

The songs in this movie are pretty epic. As I said before, Darla Dimple's big villain song is one for the ages and the finale song is absolutely wonderful as well.

Some movies just stick with you forever and this was always one of those for me. If you haven't seen it, please do yourself a favor and watch it as soon as humanly possible. You will not regret it.

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