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Next Level Lego Creations That Will Make You Want To Dig Out Your Old Bricks

The Lego movie franchise has kind of exploded in the last few years, but when we were kids we just had to imagine all our favorite movie sets ourselves.

We would spend hours crafting models of cars and houses to match our favorite stories because back then we didn't even have as many of those pre-made kits. We had to make it up at we went! Some people were REALLY good at it, while others (like me) would give up after only connecting a brick to one wheel.


But there are those people who are super patient and creative when it comes to Lego. They spend weeks on models of their favorite movies and TV shows that will absolutely blow your mind. Check out some of the best ones below!

All of Springfield from The Simpsons

Seriously though, all of it. Check out the video.

New New York from Futurama

Central Perk from Friends

Hogwarts from the Harry Potter franchise

It's made out of 400,000 bricks!Inhabitat

Someone also made the entire set of Who Framed Roger Rabbit! Click to the next page to see how awesome it turned out!

Who Framed Roger Rabbit was an amazing movie made in the 80s.  A Lego set-making group called KC Bricklab decided that this classic should be honored in Lego, so they made a huge model of a bunch of the set pieces for the movie and it turned out unbelievably cool.

There are even more pictures of every detail on his Flickr page.

Which movie or television show would you like to build out of Lego? Let us know in the comments!