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Nearly 25 Years Later, Where Are 'The Little Rascals' Now?

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There was no one that kids could relate to more than The Little Rascals. They were experiencing a lot of things we all remember going through. They showed what it was like to have your first crush, your first big fight with a friend, and most importantly how friendship will conquer all.

The movie came out in 1994, making it 23 years old. Can you believe it was that long ago? The kids are all grown up, but what have they been doing since?

Blake McIver Ewing - Waldo

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He was the romantic foil to our hero Alfalfa, but since this movie came out he has moved on to some pretty impressive things. He has released his own music and hosted some TV shows on Bravo.

Jordan Warkol - Froggy

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He continued to act, moving more into voice-over roles for a while. He was Chocolate Boy on Hey Arnold and Eddie on Rocket Power. Since then he has started playing poker professionally and competes in the World Poker Series.

Zachary Mabry - Porky

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He was only 3 when he started this movie, but he was still one of the best parts. He didn't continue acting and has instead become an accountant.

Ross Bagley - Buckwheat

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He actually continued acting and played Will Smith's cousin in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. He is still acting, and also works as a DJ.

What about the leader of the pack, what is he up to now?

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