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10 Behind-The-Scenes Moments From Kid's Shows That Were Definitely Not Kid-Friendly

It's easy to forget that even the most kid-friendly content is made by adults, and adults often have VERY different senses of humor than kids do. This usually results in some pretty inappropriate things going on behind the scenes of our favorite old shows, and these 10 are especially nuts.

Star Trek: The Next Generation


Okay it's not a kid's show, but we all watched it as kids. In an interview with Wil Wheaton, he revealed that one time while the cameras weren't rolling, Sir Patrick Stewart turned to him and said "You know Wesley, in old nautical days, Ensigns performed certain favors for their captains..." Note that Wheaton was still a teenager at the time.


There are several sound clips taken from the voice actors recording the show, and they are most definitely NOT safe for kids to listen to.

You Can't Do That On Television


Show creator Roger Price was VERY protective of the kids who appeared on the show. So much so in fact, that he told the crew he'd "f***ing shoot them" if any of them offered drugs to the kids. Oh, and he was holding a LOADED GUN as he said this.



Burt Ward wrote a book about his time on the show, and it has plenty of stories that are most definitely not appropriate. According to Ward, him and his co-star, Adam West, went on numerous carnal escapades with their female fans. He also spends a lot of time talking about "Bat-Sperm" and the size of his penis. Yeesh.

The stories just get crazier from here...

Captain Kangaroo


Stage manager Daniel Morgan revealed in his memoirs that Captain Kangaroo himself, Bob Keeshan, was an absolute nightmare to work with. Apparently while an announcer would get the crowd warmed up at the start of the show, Keeshan would drop his pants, slide a pencil under his penis, and feverishly wave it at the announcer. Yeah.

Double Dare


Show host Marc Summers has occasionally shared some pretty racy stories about the behind-the-scenes action of the popular game show, noting that a crew member once had to take a day off to get an abortion after a romp with another crew member. There was also apparently a lot of cocaine use.

Little House On The Prairie


Apparently life was a bit of a party on the set of this classic show. Lead actress Melissa Gilbert claims that Michael Landon would often sip vodka from his coffee cup in many scenes, while the crew would apparently drink two cases of Coors A DAY while filming.

Full House

New York Post

Between his standup comedy and other comedic roles, it's been long-established that Bob Saget is way filthier than Full House or America's Funniest Home Videos would even let on about. Case and point: he had a habit of drawing penises on his scripts. Also, him, Dave Coulier and John Stamos would sneak off and get high by inhaling nitrous oxide from spray cans.


The animators and writers would keep themselves busy during downtime by writing and drawing very, VERY R-rated renditions of the show that had no way of getting past network executives. One included Tommy discovering his parents making his new baby brother.

Sesame Street


Jim Henson once photographed Frank Oz naked, and then sent him a hollowed-out statue of Bert for Christmas. It was hollowed-out because the nude photos were inside. Wow.

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